‘V is for Verily’ is Week 22 of Blogging Through the Alphabet 26 Keys to My Happy Marriage Verily. I love that word, but for a long time I couldn’t tell you why. Every night I sit and listen to my husband read the Bible to me in the evenings. Every night there will invariably be a “Verily”. And it got me thinking. Why does it seem like Jesus is the only one to say “Verily”? He says it so often and with such certainty that if you sit and listen to someone read to you, the word will pop out. In the Book ofRead More →

​A Review of Internship for High School Credit from Apologia Educational Ministries My children recently started activities that are, for all intents and purposes, internships and yet I did not know how to document them in our homeschool. So we were pleased and relieved when we got the opportunity to review Internship for High School Credit from Apologia Educational Ministries. What Is It? This a workbook designed for use by homeschooling parents and their high school age children. The text takes you on a clear, step-by-step tutorial for finding, acquiring, doing, and documenting an internship so that your child receives high school credit for the activity.Read More →

My kids love art and music, but they combine them in the most unique ways.   This week, my teen daughter demonstrated that you are never too old to love Pokemon.     Here is this week’s art sketch: And a music pick from my budding artist: yes, the violinist does play really fast towards the middle (something my daughter aspires to on her viola) but watch through to the end for the totally unique bit (or bite) – take that Itzhak Perlman!   …and Thank You to Homeschool Coffee Break and Every Bed of Roses for hosting this art linkup! You can click throughRead More →

‘U is for Undercover Operation’ is Week 21 of Blogging Through the Alphabet 26 Keys to My Happy Marriage Do you ever feel that your relationship is an undercover operation? Here is a scenario: You and your husband have a difference of opinion. You are about to start the discussion, and in walks one of your kids. Now what do you do? A child’s radar seems eternally tuned to parental disagreements, doesn’t it? Why don’t we like to discuss issues involving conflicting opinions in front of our children? What are we afraid of, really? For many years my husband and I would retreat to ourRead More →

​Exploring Nature’s Beautiful Order from Memoria Press– A Review We were very excited to review Nature’s Beautiful Order from Memoria Press, as we love their classical Christian curriculum. Nature’s Beautiful Order is a science curriculum designed for children in 6-9th grades. The text starts off with the cat, fundamentally because it is an animal that has a body with a distinguishable head and limbs that are that are close enough to ours to be easy to relate to. Then the curriculum works down to the sea urchin and back up from the bee to man. This is a unique presentation, but really makes the moreRead More →

Where is your future? When I was young, the answer to that question was, “…as a career woman. A professor unearthing the mysteries of biology and physics.” And then I had children. From the first moment I looked my children in the eyes, my future changed. At first I did not realize it. All I knew was that I loved them. And then it happened. They started to learn. This is the single most stupendous feature of humanity in my mind. I fed them new experiences, new toys, new books, and my children learned and learned and learned. The more I gave them, the moreRead More →

The Home Stretch

We are in the home stretch here in our homeschool. Middle school years are almost over. As I look the last 8 years of schooling in the rear-view mirror, I am struck how much things stay the same. When the kids were in their elementary years, I dreaded the planning I would need to homeschool middle school. I wasn’t sure if I could do it, but somehow it happened. I wasn’t sure how we could manage all the materials and curricula we would need, and yet it took care of itself. And now, here we are on the cusp of high school and yet againRead More →

​I think we had a fail this week… This week we sat down for a group reading and discussion session. It began with reading about the events surrounding the admission of the last of the western united states into the union. All began well, but then it devolved. Somehow my kids turned the history of the United States into a two hour long discussion and research project around the sacrifice that Abraham was prepared to make and would that be something you could do to your own child. Life with teens really is interesting! Well, it was a history lesson fail, but maybe a homeschoolRead More →

​Dear Homeschooling Mom, We may not have met, but in a real sense I know you. You see, I homeschool my children too. I know how tired you are. I know how deep you must dig every morning to get up early and prepare before getting the kids up to do lessons. Each morning when the alarm goes off and you think, “Oh please give me ten more minutes,” remember why you are getting up. You are rising early to prepare for a beautiful day with your children. You get the privilege of standing by their side today and witnessing the miracle of learning. YourRead More →

‘T is for Tape ’ is Week 20 of Blogging Through the Alphabet 26 Keys to My Happy Marriage   Ok, I am sure you are thinking, “That it! She has officially gone off her rocker! How can Tape be a key to her happy marriage?” Well, you might be right about the rocker thing, but I did not fall off recently so give me a moment to explain. Actually tape is important to my marriage. Not the actual sticky stuff, but the results set into motion by the act of taping. So, what does taping two things together really mean? When you tape something,Read More →