​Finding Curriculum Can Be Tough Today I am joining my friends at the Homeschool Review Crew in kicking off a 5-day Back To Homeschool Series. Many homeschoolers take a break over the summer, or even just slow down the pace a bit through the summer months. So the start of fall means, for many of us, our children are in new grade levels and have new subjects to study. Throughout this week I will post about a different topic each day and today is all about Curriculum. Is Curriculum A Scary Word In Your House? Curriculum can be a scary word for a lot ofRead More →


This was a week of firsts for our family. This was my kids’ first week of 9th grade, homeschool style and so as you might expect it was full of hustle and bustle and changing plans… also it was the husband’s first week back to work (which made everyone so very, very happy around here!)   First Week of Dramatic Macbeth Readings and AutoUpkeep Lessons The first week we did dramatic readings of Macbeth alongside a literature guide from Progeny Press (review coming soon). The dramatic readings were sometimes more dramatic than others. My son really loves to sing (opera style) the parts of allRead More →

Can You Guess The Character? My kids enjoy drawing and movies and stories. So this week for the virtual fridge, my daughter gave me a pencil drawing she did of a favorite movie character. My daughter loves this movie. Well, actually we all do. We have watched it so many, many times that I could probably recite all the lines and describe all the action in one long monologue. (Oh, if only you could get paid to do that!) Stop by and see all the wonderful art at the Virtual Refrigerator Blog Hop! (and thanks! to Homeschool Coffee Break and Every Bed of Roses forRead More →

It is time for a Back To Homeschool Blog Hop with my friends at the HomeschoolReviewCrew.com! For me, one of the great parts of homeschooling is actually the planning and the choosing of new curricula. I know some who really don’t like it but for me new pens and markers and glue and books and schedules and pacing guides is almost as exciting as Christmas! So tune in during the week of August 14 through 18 to hop on through a pile of great new posts about homeschooling. Each day we will cover a different topic: Monday – Curriculum Tuesday – School Supplies Wednesday –Read More →

No-Nonsense Algebra

No-Nonsense Algebra from Math Essentials We discovered that No-Nonsense Algebra is a fantastic curriculum from Math Essentials designed to teach your child algebra in a way that will ensure he masters it. And my son has learned more than Algebra using this text – he has learned to take control of his own education! We Planned to Use No-Nonsense Algebra As Review My son is currently working his way through Algebra II and so we decided to review No-Nonsense Algebra more as a way to check and see if he remembered Algebra I or if he needed to brush up on some of the lessons.Read More →

My children love music. All kinds. They play all sorts of instruments but perhaps the most versatile are the string instruments. Growing up I thought that violin was just a  squeaky version of the grand master of all instruments (the cello) – yes I play the cello so I am biased. But then I was introduced to Scottish music and the genius of Alasdair Fraser and his violin. Just take a listen and tell me that this doesn’t grab you! OK, well he does play with a woman named Natalie Haas who in point of fact does play that most important of all instruments, theRead More →

The Children of Lir is an Irish folk tale that demonstrates the power of family and perseverance, and that love for one another can conquer evil. The Story in a Wonderful Picture Book I ran across a Kindle eBook version of The Children of Lir a few weeks ago that is absolutely fantastic. The illustrations are gentle and perfect for younger children as well as the rest of us. The story is detailed enough you could easily read this book aloud as a bedtime story. Audio Drama Version If you have children who are audio learners, there is a recording of The Children of LirRead More →

Raise Them Up – How Can You Find The Best Way? How can your best “raise them up”? That is a question that all homeschooling parents struggle with daily. We have been homeschooling for a long time. Our journey is a bit unique because even though we have two children, they are twins and mostly travel through schooling adventures at the same time. And so every course and each activity I plan or create is only used once. I need to be learning and growing at the same pace as my kids to prepare new materials and fill in the gaps in my own educationRead More →

In the Reign of Terror from Heirloom Audio Productions – A Homeschool Review Crew review We were excited to get the opportunity to try out In the Reign of Terror from Heirloom Audio Productions and the audio drama sure is exciting! The Story In The Reign of Terror is a G.A. Henty story published in 1888 that tells the tale of a young man, Harry, from England who travels to France towards the beginning of the French Revolution. He lives with a family who supports the king of France through the revolution and, while starting his adventure in the countryside estate of his hosts, moves withRead More →


​The End Of Middle School – How Did That Sneak Up On Me? This week is my kids’ last week of middle school… Where did the last 3 years go? I thought I was fully focused in the moment. I felt that each day was full of adventure and learning and fun. It certainly felt like each day was slow. I really was sure that I had that “where did the time go” monster licked. But here we are. My kids are starting high school on Monday. I have prepared and planned and prepared some more. I have a fantastic lineup of new material forRead More →