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I is for Idiot – and I was one!

I is for IdiotWhen my kids were little, my husband told me about homeschooling.

He said he wanted us to homeschool. Amazingly, we knew two other families who homeschooled their children. I thought they were a bit strange because they were devout. And besides, they homeschooled their kids. And that made them weird, of course.

I dismissed the idea.

I was brought up to believe that public school was the only right choice. So I thought that putting my kids into public school would teach them about all the different kinds of people in the world, or at least in our city. I even thought that public school needed my support so that all the other children could get a good education.

When my children were six, I took them for their first day of Kindergarten.

The class was over 30 children. I felt a small voice that day, telling me to turn around and grab them and leave before it was too late. But I ignored that voice. I was still a public education true-believer, along with everything that comes along with that worldview.

As a consequence my children became the poster children for reasons why homeschooling is the right choice:

  • beaten up and bullied
  • teacher screamed at the students
  • books were stolen and tossed in the trash
  • lunch was eaten by other children
  • not allowed to read at his level
  • told she was worthless
  • taught globalist claptrap in the classroom
  • and much more. . .

Finally, when things had gotten downright terrible for my kids, my husband convinced me. I downsized our family business, and we began homeschooling.

I think homeschooling changed me more than my kids. I discovered God and changed my worldview. I made a complete 180. This lifestyle caused me to realize how precious the gift of homeschooling can be. Now there isn’t anything else in the world I would do. It is simply the right choice.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t regret taking my children to Kindergarten.

They were only in public school for 3 years, but that was more than enough. It took many, many years to heal those wounds.

Happily, my children are strong, smart, independent, assured teenagers now. Homeschooling saved all of us.

But still I was an idiot.

How did you come to decide to homeschool your children?

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