Board games are great fun for everyone. I have found that the more regularly you break out a board game with your kids, the more fun it becomes for everyone. It is a chance to play together, talk together, and simply be together without a piece of electronics acting as a barrier between your child and the attention you need to give her that makes her feel loved and understood. That is the kind of attention which buoys up your child through the difficulties she may face from time to time and gives her the confidence in her own abilities and judgement. I always offerRead More →

Agora is a free printable game for 2-4 players. The game is fun, set in ancient Greece, and lets players practice basic math skills. The graphics on the playing cards are detailed and beautiful. The instructions are clear and well laid out. Overall it makes for a really fun family game and if you print the cards on cardstock, it is really easy to cut them out with scissors, and you are ready to play! Here is what the game designer says about his game: “Welcome to Agora, the ever-changing Ancient Greek Marketplace. It’s a wide-open space filled with chaos and excitement. And it’s whatRead More →