O is for Obidiah {Blogging Through The Alphabet Link Up}

O is for Obidiah {Blogging Through The Alphabet Link Up}

O is for Obidiah.

O is for ObidiahThis evening my son and I met in the living room for our daily spelling lessons.

For many years, I tried all sorts of different spelling curricula for him. Nothing seemed to work. I could not understand why. These were highly rated spelling programs!

And then a few years ago I realized I had not been listening to my boy. He was telling me loud and clear what he needed.

He learns by sound, not visually or by touching. It turns out that even though he can learn many subjects in other ways, spelling is one of those that only works for him if we do it verbally.

So I found The American Spelling Book written by William Webster in 1821 (free PDF download from the Internet Archive Library). All children learned to spell with this book at one time. Like pretty much all the old schoolbooks, it requires a teacher (that would be you, mom) to lead the lessons.

And so now we sit every evening as my son holds the guinea pig or pets the dog and spells words for me out loud.

Tonight we looked ahead to common names at the time the book was originally printed and we discovered that both my children’s names were listed.

And so was Obidiah.

“What if we had named you Obidiah,” I asked him.

“Well, then my name would be Obidiah,” he replied simply and walked off to play with the cat.

Yes. It would.

But even if I had thought to name him Obidiah, he would still need to learn spelling orally.

And the take home is to treasure that wonderful gift of homeschooling that allows your child to learn like he wants to!

How does your child learn best?


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