Christmas Without Tree

We got our tree this week and it got me to thinking. Growing up, Christmas was about the smells of cooking and the holiday cakes and cookies. It was about shoes placed in front of our bedroom doors on St. Nicholas day, holiday music, winter sweaters, and the anticipation of entering the Christmas Room on Christmas Eve to see the tree. The climax of Christmas for me as a child was that decorated tree. The living room was closed off after Thanksgiving and we were not even allowed a peek until the sun went down on Christmas Eve. Then we got to enter the candle-litRead More →

I is for Idiot

I is for Idiot – and I was one! When my kids were little, my husband told me about homeschooling. He said he wanted us to homeschool. Amazingly, we knew two other families who homeschooled their children. I thought they were a bit strange because they were devout. And besides, they homeschooled their kids. And that made them weird, of course. I dismissed the idea. I was brought up to believe that public school was the only right choice. So I thought that putting my kids into public school would teach them about all the different kinds of people in the world, or at leastRead More →

Ever wish you had markers

My daughter loves to draw with markers My daughter sat down last night to draw and color. This was a night just like any other in our home. My daughter sits on her bed at night and sketches and draws. But the difference is that last night she used the Magic Stix Washable Markers from The Pencil Grip, Inc that came in the mail yesterday for us to review. These markers are guaranteed to not dry out if the cap is left off, for seven days! The great people at The Pencil Grip gave us the opportunity to try out these new markers, and boyRead More →

Drew Farthering Gentleman Detective

Death at Thorburn Hall by Julianna Deering {a review} A perfect, cozy read for you and your teen Drew Farthering and his wife are back in this sixth wonderful mystery by Julianna Deering. As Drew begins to investigate the death of his host at Thorburn Hall in Scotland, he quickly realizes that the death is in fact a murder. Is it Nazis or just plain criminals? The mystery that Drew must untangle goes beyond a simple death. The more he investigates, the deeper the danger becomes so after stashing his intrepid wife, Madeline, in a local hotel, Drew gets down to the gentlemanly business forRead More →


This week we had ‘THE’ day. The one day a year my children look forward to more than any other. Once a year, the Monterey Bay Aquarium opens its doors to homeschoolers at no charge. This is a big deal as the tickets can really set you back and frankly we wouldn’t be able to go if it weren’t for the homeschool day. Getting tickets for those homeschool days is no mean feat! You are given a day and a time to log in and request a ticket and you must be patient. This year I sat in the virtual queue for more than twoRead More →

H is for Higher

Higher. Isn’t that what we strive for every day with our children? We want them to climb higher, reach further, and expand their understanding of the world and our place in it. But even more, we want our children to look up. To seek the goodness and light placed in the world and in us. And it is our responsibility to get our children, to cajole them, and urge them to reach higher. To learn to read and write and understand math and to dream of touching the stars. Beyond that we want our children to discover beauty in your backyard. We want them toRead More →


(Another) Review of Gospel Tracts and Evangelism Tools Sampler Pack from Let the Little Children Come Sharing The Gospel With Children In A Shoebox I reviewed the Gospel Tracts and Evangelism Tools Sampler Pack from Let the Little Children Come earlier this year and discovered all sorts of wonderful ways to use the different tracts in the pack. But after the review was done, I discovered what might be the best way to share God’s word with these tools and so when I got the opportunity to review the product again, through FlyBy Promotions, I jumped at the chance to share my story. Every yearRead More →

The Hidden Village by Bonnie Rose Hudson, A Review, A Unit Study, & A Giveaway Learning to Step Up, Even When You Are Little The Story begins with a little boy Manju is a young boy who lives in a village at the edge of a mangrove forest in India. One morning he takes his new bible to the top of his favorite tree to spend time as close to God as he could climb. The forest he lives near is a place where, “trees linked arms,” and mangroves with roots that stick out of the ground, “grew that way to catch boys who aren’tRead More →