Jeremy Camp Shared "The Answer" With My Teens

I Am So Glad I Discovered Jeremy Camp’s Music I had frankly never heard of Jeremy Camp before I had the opportunity to review new CD (The Answer) for FlyBy, but I am so thankful that I did. Jeremy Camp’s Music is Real & Authentic & My Teens Love “The Answer” I love his music and his message. It is real and gritty and authentic. My teenagers, who are often the biggest critics when it comes to faith-based music, love Jeremy Camp’s music. The message is real and not preachy, a feature that is so important to teenagers. My kids listen to this music over,Read More →

My children love music. All kinds. They play all sorts of instruments but perhaps the most versatile are the string instruments. Growing up I thought that violin was just a  squeaky version of the grand master of all instruments (the cello) – yes I play the cello so I am biased. But then I was introduced to Scottish music and the genius of Alasdair Fraser and his violin. Just take a listen and tell me that this doesn’t grab you! OK, well he does play with a woman named Natalie Haas who in point of fact does play that most important of all instruments, theRead More →

My kids love Horrible Histories thanks to a friendship with a family from England. And thanks to Horrible Histories (the books and the videos), my kids know their Western Civilization better than they know the way to our local library (which is saying something if you knew how often we made the trek to the library for more books… The kids found a new (to us) Horrible Histories Prom (British for a musical variety show in a really, really big auditorium) on Youtube and we have been watching it over and over and over and over, ever since. The great thing about Horrible Histories songsRead More →

If you are hoping for your child to learn a musical instrument, learning music theory comes along as part of the bargain. Part of playing an instrument is understanding the music you are playing so you can improvise beyond the written music, support the harmonies of other instruments, and know how and when to ‘put feeling’ into music. The best music theory I have ever encountered was not written down, unfortunately, but was taught orally by my daughter’s viola teacher. This grandfatherly gentleman has a background in math and physics and also music (classical, Scottish, and American). Unfortunately, I have not yet convinced him toRead More →