Friends and Consequences

​Finding Friends for Your Homeschooled Teens… and the Unintended Consequences. Making friends as a homeschooling teen always seemed like it would be a huge hurdle to leap for our family. When our kids were young, it was easy. If you homeschool young kids there are park days, co-ops, and even church groups that help you feel safe. Your homeschooled youngster won’t get picked on by that mean public schooled kid. That sounds like a joke but for us it was reality when our kids were young. Friends Are Easy To Find At First When we first began homeschooling, we quickly found a plethora of friendsRead More →

​When do you think you can declare your homeschooling efforts a success? I was laying on my darkened hallway floor this afternoon, listening to my daughter playing her viola and began wondering if my homeschool efforts were successful. Would my kids turn out ok? How would I know we were on track? Is it when your homeschooled medical school graduate gets a Nobel prize for literature and physics and in her acceptance speech she chalks it all up to you, her mom, who slaved night and day homeschooling her for 13 long years? Nope. Ok, then let’s back up a bit. Do you declare yourRead More →

​‘X is for Unknown’ is Week 24 of Blogging Through the Alphabet 26 Keys to My Happy Marriage The letter X means so many things. It marks the spot. It is a sacred symbol, combined with a ‘p’ for Christ. In math, X, means unknown. And I think that all three of these meanings are related and combine when I think of marriage. X is a marvelous letter and is much like any marriage – filled with unknowns. How happy will we be? Will we experience great sadness? Will we come together to overcome great hardship? Will our family thrive? We Begin Marriage Filled withRead More →

Do I have worth? This is a question I ask myself every time the hub and the bub subsides in our homeschool life. Without the daily caring for my children and husband and teaching and planning for new lessons, do I have worth? Am I intrinsically worthy? That I question. I grew up thinking that worth was defined by my achievements in life. The success of my career, the level of education I attained. And then I radically transformed myself into a stay-at-home homeschooling mom whose goals were teaching my kids and being as thrifty as possible, and trying to build some home-based revenue streamsRead More →

Where is your future? When I was young, the answer to that question was, “…as a career woman. A professor unearthing the mysteries of biology and physics.” And then I had children. From the first moment I looked my children in the eyes, my future changed. At first I did not realize it. All I knew was that I loved them. And then it happened. They started to learn. This is the single most stupendous feature of humanity in my mind. I fed them new experiences, new toys, new books, and my children learned and learned and learned. The more I gave them, the moreRead More →

​Dear Homeschooling Mom, We may not have met, but in a real sense I know you. You see, I homeschool my children too. I know how tired you are. I know how deep you must dig every morning to get up early and prepare before getting the kids up to do lessons. Each morning when the alarm goes off and you think, “Oh please give me ten more minutes,” remember why you are getting up. You are rising early to prepare for a beautiful day with your children. You get the privilege of standing by their side today and witnessing the miracle of learning. YourRead More →

I read the phrase, “Hope is the tree of life,” this morning and something about it caught. Hope is what keeps us going. As homeschooling moms we wake each morning early, often just as tired as when we went to bed a few short hours before. What we feel each morning, besides tired is hope. Hope that our children will wake in good moods and be happy to homeschool. Hope that as they work through their lessons, they will not falter but instead will gain a bit more self-confidence and sense of accomplishment. And hope that our husbands, who work so hard to allow usRead More →

O is for Only One

​’O is for One’ is Week 15 of Blogging Through the Alphabet 26 Keys to My Happy Marriage. I am one, I am only one. I cannot do everything but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do. ~ Edward Everett Hale Edward Everett Hale was an American author and minister who lived through the US Civil War and whose most famous work is, “The Man Without A Country”. While his political and religious views do not closely align with mine, this quotation really struck home for me. Hale is quoted extensively by OrestesRead More →

5 ​Days of Homeschooling Twins – Part of the 5 Days of Homeschooling Blog Hop Enjoy The Ride! ​This week in my Homeschooling with Twins series, I opened up the can of worms to look at some things that sometimes make us uncomfortable. We talked about coming to terms with that twin bond that sometimes leaves you to play second fiddle (or maybe even third) ways to break through the noise of twins gaining respect and the good kind of authority stepping aside and letting your twins help each other Now that is done, let’s focus on the good stuff. The only thing more joyfulRead More →

5 ​Days of Homeschooling Twins – Part of the 5 Days of Homeschooling Blog Hop Let them help each other – they may even know best Every parent has that moment when they cannot reach their child. Whatever you try, it does no good. Your child still does not understand. You start trying different approaches but then your child reaches the limit of his young patience and now you are stuck! Sometimes A Twin Understands, When You Don’t I learned, by listening to my kids, that the power of twinship is that close, close relationship. They know each other much more closely and fully thanRead More →