Whiskerella – a review and a doll craft

Whiskerella – a review and a doll craft


Harriet the hamster princess is back and ready for another adventure. But her mother tells her she must don a ballgown and attend a party first. Harriet, as always, makes the best of the situation, befriends a bat ambassador, and joins her friend Wilbur, and embarks on an adventure that includes a fairy, and pumpkin, and. . . Mumphrey her quail!

This fifth book in the Hamster Princess is a wonderful re-imagining of a Cinderella tale brought to you by Ursula Vernon.

The Doll Craft

My daughter and I reviewed the last Hamster Princess book called “Giant Trouble” last year and she loved the story so much that together we made a stuffed doll taken from the story. So this time round, my daughter asked if we could make a Harriet doll.

I am sharing my home-made pattern with you along with some pictures that show the basic process. If you have any questions at all about assembling your doll, just put them in the comments below. I hope you have as much fun making a Harriet doll as we did!

Whiskerella Harriet Doll Pattern (PDF)

Hamster Princess done

Publisher’s Book Summary:

A funny, feminist twist on the Cinderella fairy tale for fans of fractured fairy tales

Princess Harriet Hamsterbone is not the kind of princess who enjoys fancy dresses or extravagant parties. Cliff-diving, fractions, and whacking people with swords are more her thing. So when she’s forced to attend a boring ball in honor of a visiting ambassador, Harriet is less than thrilled–until a bewitchingly beautiful stranger arrives. Who is she? And where did she come from? The mystery leads to a not-so-wicked stepsister, an incontinent lizard, and a fairy’s spell that’s really more of a curse. Luckily, Harriet knows a thing or two about curses…

Smart, funny, and filled with swashbuckling adventure, book five in the critically acclaimed Hamster Princess series is a hilariously re-told fairy tale for the modern age.

Author Bio:

Ursula Vernon is a full-time author and illustrator whose work has won a Hugo Award and been nominated for an Eisner. She loves birding, gardening, and spunky heroines, and thinks she would make a terrible princess. Ursula lives with her husband in Pittsboro, North Carolina.









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  1. Thanks for a great idea! My little girl loves to sew, and this project is adorable. I also love your quote about happiness at the top of the page : )

    1. Share a picture when you are done, and if you have any questions along the way let me know – I am happy to help! 🙂

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