Our Weekly Homeschool WrapUp: Rain and Games and Together Again | DoodleMom

Our Weekly Homeschool WrapUp: Rain and Games and Together Again | DoodleMom

Rain and Games and Together Again

Rain and Games and Together AgainThis was a week filled with rain. There was so much rain that our Internet was sluggish at best and the kids were frustrated. No online lessons, no chatting with far away friends.

Frustrated teenagers are not a pretty sight, but thankfully we had lessons to do, and activities to go to that kept them from missing their friends too much.

Tonight after nightly Latin lessons with my son, I retreated to my computer and the kids settled down together with a game they have not played since they were little.

So here I sit in the next room at the computer, listening to a brother and a sister enjoying each other and playing together.

It takes me back to the old days when they were small. My days were filled with work but surrounded by the noise of my twins playing together. Always together and always friends.

So for me, this week, the rain is really a blessing. It gave me the chance to recapture the joy of being a spectator to my children’s lives. I thank God every day for the opportunity I have had over the years to watch the two of them grow and learn and laugh and cry together. My children are the biggest challenge I have in my life and also the source of the biggest joy.

And so this week I watched them come back together to spend time and play games and laugh. . . all because of the rain! Together again.

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  • Mother of 3

    I too find that our internet gets quite slow when it’s rainy or snow outside. I once said this to a tech who was here working on our slow lines and he told me that has nothing to do with it but without fail in heavy rains our connection is spotty at best. We spent most of our on arts and crafts projects due to the rain.

    • Kirsten West

      It sounds like we have the same tech guy!

  • Kym Thorpe

    I love that you could see the rain as a blessing! We had rain and snow this week – the week started with single-digits cold weather and then warmed up to rainy weather by today. I guess in our case, the rain is a blessing because it means it’s not so terribly cold!

    • Kirsten West

      Oh, I cannot imagine single digit weather! Rain is wonderful because it washes away the dirt and grime and leaves such a wonderful wet smell in the air.