Showing Your Teen She Is Adored

Showing Your Teen She Is Adored

Adored: 365 Devotions for Young Women – A Review for FlyBy Promotions

Showing Your Teen She Is Adored

Showing Your Teen She Is AdoredFirst Impressions

This book is roughly the size of a bible. It feels perfect in your hands. The artwork and cover design appeals to teen age girls, as well as adult women (at least me!)

When you first open the pages, you are drawn into an introduction by the author which begins with love and ends with a simple statement: you are God’s adored daughter. I felt instantly drawn in by the author and knew this book would be perfect for any teenage girl, especially mine.

Teens Are Filled With Self-Doubt, This Book Is Perfect

The author tackles those hard to talk about and ever so important worries that cloud a young woman’s thoughts: What is love? Can anyone adore me? How do I cope in a world filled with scantily-clad sex symbols? If I follow the teachings of my faith, will I still be cool? I mess up sometimes, will God understand?

How The Devotions Are Organized

Each topic is covered in a devotional for that day. Your young woman can read through the book, one page a day, for an entire year as she slowly comes to understand her role in the world as a Christian woman.

Alternatively, your teen can pick up the book every so often and page through a few of the devotions.

No matter how she chooses to use the book, it is sure to be a favorite. The author’s frank writing and down-to-earth style are wonderful. It is like she is sitting down across the kitchen table having a chat with the reader.

Interested in looking the book over?

Zondervan offers a FREE 7-day download so that you can read through the book and decide if it would be a perfect gift for the young woman in your life.

Description From The Publisher

Each day features an easy-to-read, relevant devotion paired with a scripture verse and journaling space to help readers reflect on the day’s message. The book tackles tough topics girls face, from bullying and social media to friendships and dating, all the while showing readers how infinitely precious they are in God’s sight.

About the Book

Adored: 365 Devotions for Young Women

Author: Lindsay A Franklin

Publisher: Zondervan

Publication Date: 2017

ISBN: 0310762790

ISBN-13: 9780310762799

Ages: 13 & up

Price: $14.99, Hardcover

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