Spelling that just won't get better

Spelling is one of those subject that either comes easily or is really tough. And sometimes the same child can have both experiences at different times. For my boy, spelling came so easily when he was young. You could throw any word at all at him, and he could spell it. He preferred to do spelling orally and so I would call out words from the kitchen sink as I washed dishes every afternoon, and he would respond back with the letters. And they were right every time. Then puberty started to set in and one day my boy could no longer spell. Anything. TheRead More →

You Can Make Me Look At The Words, But You Can't Make Me Read!

When you homeschool, teaching those tough bits can be scary. You worry that your children won’t learn what they need to. You wonder if they will every learn to read. Parents worry so much about teaching their children to read, but if a child wants to discover the stories in books, they will learn. I really don’t remember much about my childhood, hardly anything at all. But I do remember one moment in time vividly. My younger brother was sitting at the dining table in the afternoon. He had been there a very, very long time. Through tears of anger, sadness, and frustration, he toldRead More →

dividing fractions

Teaching the Tough Bits – Dividing Fractions Plenty of people and books teach the ‘how to do it’ part of math. But I had such a hard time finding books that could help with the ‘why the heck am I doing this?’ part of math, like dividing fractions. And so I plowed through and developed a few strategies and ideas to help my kids that I want to share with you. Dividing Fractions. . . this is one of the toughest concepts I faced when teaching math to my children but mostly ’cause I was focused on the how and not the why. So let’sRead More →