Do you ever wonder if there is a real story behind STEM? People have told me over the years that STEM is just an acronym for science education. So many, in fact, that I went searching our the history for myself. As I hunted, I discovered I had more questions. Why are all those Common Core and teacher’s groups promoting and supporting STEM if it is nothing more than an acronym that means learning science? What is STEM and where did it come from? STEM is an acronym that stands for science, technology, engineering, and what has morphed into that dangerous Common core math. TheRead More →

9 Free Math and Science Books For Your Kids

I have a round-up today for you of 9 free math and science books for your kids. I poked around this week and found 9 free math and science books that I wanted to share with you. They are free, which is great! But the best part is that these books are not based on Common Core. They also don’t include politics, but you may find a reference here or there to a biblical world view. These are simply Printable and eBooks focused on math and science for kids ranging from preschool through high school. Note: I also don’t post affiliate links here. I amRead More →

Honesty, Western Civilization, and Science

Have you ever thought about what compels people to try to be honest? I have – a lot! I was chatting with my kids today about my experiences in the science field. We were talking about how sometimes the politics and funding of science takes over and washes away the concept. Science is really just a logical method of making a guess, designing and experiment, testing and retesting until you get enough reproducible results that an answer becomes clear. Along the way you have to memorize a pile of ideas and a ton of new vocabulary, but that is really all there is to it.Read More →

Snow as a Unit Study

Snow As A Unit Study – A Homeschool Review Crew Review My kids love the outdoors, and they enjoy unit studies and so we were excited to review two great unit studies: Snow Unit Study and Pine Trees from Creation Illustrated. We focused on the Snow Unit Study which comes with access to the Winter ’18 Digital Edition of Creation Illustrated magazine. The other unit study we received was the Pine Trees Unit Study that includes access to the Fall ’17 Digital Edition of Creation Illustrated magazine. They are both fantastic, and we were planning a family trip to play in the snow so weRead More →

Learning Science

Children need to learn science, but not through the lens of ‘facts’ and ‘laws’ and the ‘scientific method. They need to learn science as it is. First let me share a bit of my history. I have a background in science. Not just a few classes, but years (and lots of $) spent learning and doing science. I worked in university labs and at NASA. I built computer-controlled chaos detectors in my bedroom (yes, I did not have many friends growing up). My goal in life was to become a university professor, have a big pile of kids, and get lost in a lab tryingRead More →

Bubbles that don't pop

Every so often we need to do something fun and different. Our homeschool ends up feeling like it is stuck in a rut. Ever been there? When your homeschool is in a rut it bounces and bumps along, but it doesn’t seem to go anywhere new. Days seems to stream together. You cannot tell Monday from Thursday anymore. And neither can your kids. You need to get out of the rut – but how? Do something different. Try bubbles that don’t pop! I know, you just thought, “What? How does that work? What did she just say?” Yes, when you need something different for yourRead More →


This week we had ‘THE’ day. The one day a year my children look forward to more than any other. Once a year, the Monterey Bay Aquarium opens its doors to homeschoolers at no charge. This is a big deal as the tickets can really set you back and frankly we wouldn’t be able to go if it weren’t for the homeschool day. Getting tickets for those homeschool days is no mean feat! You are given a day and a time to log in and request a ticket and you must be patient. This year I sat in the virtual queue for more than twoRead More →

The Hidden Village by Bonnie Rose Hudson, A Review, A Unit Study, & A Giveaway Learning to Step Up, Even When You Are Little The Story begins with a little boy Manju is a young boy who lives in a village at the edge of a mangrove forest in India. One morning he takes his new bible to the top of his favorite tree to spend time as close to God as he could climb. The forest he lives near is a place where, “trees linked arms,” and mangroves with roots that stick out of the ground, “grew that way to catch boys who aren’tRead More →