A is for Art & Advice

ABCs of Homeschooling With Grace Week 1: A is for Art & Advice I decided to post each week with two subjects: first I will share some teaching resources we love in our homeschool, and second some advice for mom. This week is all about the letter A and I am highlighting Art resources for your homeschool and places to find Advice for mom… Art Resources Teaching Techniques & Great Resources I Used in My Homeschool Art History: Polite Sarcasm (with Sister Wendy) Ideas & Fostering Creativity: Dancing Sculptures, Cookie Creations (painting & baking), Chaos Begats Creativity, Togetherness Teaching Art: Awesome Color & Color WheelRead More →

This Week Was About Getting Out Of Their Way… Our Weekly WrapUp & the Friday Funnies, Flops, and Fails Linkup This Week I Realized I Had Become THAT Homeschooling Mom This week was a monumental, clouds parting above, music playing from the heavens, kind of a week for me. I realized that I was well on my way to becoming that overbearing homeschool mom character you see in cartoon strips. My Kids Were So Ready For Me To Back Off I think for my kids, this week was more of a relief than anything else. Mom was no longer chasing about behind them with pilesRead More →

I think that the first person who ever called me a neighbor was Mr. Rogers when I was but a tot. There was a man wholey focused on children and the nurture of their souls. I have only ever met one other human being as focused on children and their well-being as Mr. Rogers, and that is a karate instructor I know who is focused on saving children from neglect, pressure, and even abuse at the hands of their parents. But back to Mr. Rogers. He was my first neighbor. He was also the person who explained to me, very patiently in his books, whyRead More →

​The Cat and The Green Army Men – A Homeschooling Parable The Parable We had a birthday recently in our house, which is always a cause for decorations and chocolate cake. This time I decorated the table with little plastic green army men and plastic chickens, for reasons that could only make sense if you knew my kids. Strangely, my kids never got to play with the green army men. Our little orange cat decided that in fact those green army men were for him. God only knows what goes through the mind of our cat and why molded green plastic toys are on hisRead More →

What Kind Of World Do You Want

​Learning to Lead in the World Today Isn’t that why we homeschool our children? My husband and I know what we want for our family. We have a deep and abiding conviction that our children need what we only can give them. I know they will not get it unless we get up early and plan and prepare and spend our days raising strong sons and daughters and teaching them our morals and the basics. We teach them to tell right from wrong and to resist deception in all its forms. And most importantly we teach them to teach themselves. Helping our children to understandRead More →

Raise Them Up – How Can You Find The Best Way? How can your best “raise them up”? That is a question that all homeschooling parents struggle with daily. We have been homeschooling for a long time. Our journey is a bit unique because even though we have two children, they are twins and mostly travel through schooling adventures at the same time. And so every course and each activity I plan or create is only used once. I need to be learning and growing at the same pace as my kids to prepare new materials and fill in the gaps in my own educationRead More →

Friends and Consequences

​Finding Friends for Your Homeschooled Teens… and the Unintended Consequences. Making friends as a homeschooling teen always seemed like it would be a huge hurdle to leap for our family. When our kids were young, it was easy. If you homeschool young kids there are park days, co-ops, and even church groups that help you feel safe. Your homeschooled youngster won’t get picked on by that mean public schooled kid. That sounds like a joke but for us it was reality when our kids were young. Friends Are Easy To Find At First When we first began homeschooling, we quickly found a plethora of friendsRead More →

​When do you think you can declare your homeschooling efforts a success? I was laying on my darkened hallway floor this afternoon, listening to my daughter playing her viola and began wondering if my homeschool efforts were successful. Would my kids turn out ok? How would I know we were on track? Is it when your homeschooled medical school graduate gets a Nobel prize for literature and physics and in her acceptance speech she chalks it all up to you, her mom, who slaved night and day homeschooling her for 13 long years? Nope. Ok, then let’s back up a bit. Do you declare yourRead More →

​‘X is for Unknown’ is Week 24 of Blogging Through the Alphabet 26 Keys to My Happy Marriage The letter X means so many things. It marks the spot. It is a sacred symbol, combined with a ‘p’ for Christ. In math, X, means unknown. And I think that all three of these meanings are related and combine when I think of marriage. X is a marvelous letter and is much like any marriage – filled with unknowns. How happy will we be? Will we experience great sadness? Will we come together to overcome great hardship? Will our family thrive? We Begin Marriage Filled withRead More →

Do I have worth? This is a question I ask myself every time the hub and the bub subsides in our homeschool life. Without the daily caring for my children and husband and teaching and planning for new lessons, do I have worth? Am I intrinsically worthy? That I question. I grew up thinking that worth was defined by my achievements in life. The success of my career, the level of education I attained. And then I radically transformed myself into a stay-at-home homeschooling mom whose goals were teaching my kids and being as thrifty as possible, and trying to build some home-based revenue streamsRead More →