8 Free Homeschooling Resources

If you are just starting out with homeschooling, or tired of spending so much money on curriculum and supplies so you can teach your kids at home, then you are going to love my list of top 8 free homeschooling resources! 1. Free Homeschooling Calendar First thing you need is a calendar to print out. SchoolhouseTeachers.com has you covered with monthly calendars for your homeschooling year (2017/2018). Get it here. 2. Free Homeschooling Planner for Lessons & Activities Next you need a planner. You can simply start with a bullet journal, or you can go purchase a very nice homeschool planner. But I made aRead More →


How do you feel about transitions? When my son was young, transitions were a struggle. Every change was hard. If we were playing in the park and it was time to go home, I had give him warning ahead of time. Even when the actual time for the transition came, it was tough on him. There were nearly always tears of frustration. It seemed that all he wanted was to be set in a spot and left to stay there forever doing the same thing. He struggled every day when he was little. It was so tough to watch and even worse to be theRead More →

Our Path to Relaxed

Our Path to Relaxed Homeschooling As we begin a new year, I realized I was spending more time looking back than ahead. Maybe that is just what happens when your children are teenagers. Especially in the mornings, when they are snoozing and I grab that first cup of coffee, I am reminded of the ghosts of their former (younger) selves running through the house in the early morning, eager to start our homeschooling day. These days our homeschool is relaxed. When we began homeschooling, I was so clueless about the whole thing. I created a replica of a classroom in half of our bedroom, completeRead More →