Why Do You Need Fellowship With Other Homeschool Moms? When you homeschool, your life changes. You have problems and joys that other moms may not understand. Even if you have plenty of friends, it can be helpful to have a few who know what it is like to have a bad day. It helps to have someone to share that blessed day where everything in your homeschool goes perfectly. Look To Your Local Homeschooling Association For Fellowship There is probably an association in your state that is dedicated to helping homeschooling families, including providing fellowship and opportunities to get togther. In my state, it isRead More →

Homeschoolers Rarely Stay Home Possibly the biggest myth about homeschooling is that you stay at home to do it. I have to admit that those few days that we are at home all day are days that I cherish. They are slow and easy and I can multitask and get all the housework and cooking done without scurrying. But there are not many of those days. Especially when your children are young. There were years, before my kids reached high school age and began apprenticeships and evening clubs and activities, that we would pack up each morning and be gone for most of the day.Read More →

I Went Overboard With The Record Keeping for Years Take it from me, it is absolutely possible to go overboard with the planning and the record keeping in a homeschool. The first year we homeschooled our children, I wrote a paragraph each day for each lesson my kids did. I documented the materials we used and the time it took and the top keywords that I might need in the future if I needed to show all the topics they were learning. I kept and filed every blessed piece and scrap of paper and art project and photos of every outing. I kept this upRead More →

School Supplies for Your Homeschool The school year is starting in your homeschool and you go to reach for a pen to jot down a thought about teaching little Billy fractions in the kitchen while baking and…. there are no working pens! Has this ever happened to you (the reaching for a working pen or pencil and finding none)? Well it has happened to me! Essential Supplies for Your Homeschooling Year I have a list of essentials that I keep stocked in our homeschool throughout the year, just as I keep coffee stocked in the kitchen. Here is my list: Printer Paper – The qualityRead More →

​Finding Curriculum Can Be Tough Today I am joining my friends at the Homeschool Review Crew in kicking off a 5-day Back To Homeschool Series. Many homeschoolers take a break over the summer, or even just slow down the pace a bit through the summer months. So the start of fall means, for many of us, our children are in new grade levels and have new subjects to study. Throughout this week I will post about a different topic each day and today is all about Curriculum. Is Curriculum A Scary Word In Your House? Curriculum can be a scary word for a lot ofRead More →

It is time for a Back To Homeschool Blog Hop with my friends at the HomeschoolReviewCrew.com! For me, one of the great parts of homeschooling is actually the planning and the choosing of new curricula. I know some who really don’t like it but for me new pens and markers and glue and books and schedules and pacing guides is almost as exciting as Christmas! So tune in during the week of August 14 through 18 to hop on through a pile of great new posts about homeschooling. Each day we will cover a different topic: Monday – Curriculum Tuesday – School Supplies Wednesday –Read More →