Patience Comes With Faith

Patience Comes With Faith

Patience Comes With Faith | Devotions, DoodleMom Style

Patience Comes with FaithI was reading the story of Noah (Genesis 7 and 8) this week and something new stood out this time – Can you imagine how much patience Noah had?

He and his family sat bobbing on an endless ocean for 150 days after the rains stopped. Just waiting.

Now Noah may not have been patient in his faith all 150 days.

Realistically, I don’t know I could have been that faithful. I think maybe at some point,say around about day 100, I would have broken.

I would have thought to myself, “OK, I have to start thinking about contingency plans here. We are left here with nothing but this ark so it might be time to set about homesteading. What do I need. . . chickens, a few cattle, pigs, goats. . . that is probably enough. Let’s fix this mess, cause God seems to have forgotten about us. I can make it work on my own.”

You might think Noah had no other choice but to be faithful and wait, but I can think of plenty he could have done if his patience wore out.

He could have charted the seas in search of land. He could have tossed seemingly unnecessary creatures overboard and built out the ark for long term living for his family.

So many other choices – and yet he waited. He was patient and faithful and God stepped in to help as promised.

Isn’t that what we do as we raise our children? We try to guide them and help them but in the end we must be patient and have faith that God has this.

Every so often I see those signs in my own life as a mother.

This week it was the triumph of a daughter who loves music dearly and struggles with dyslexia that clouds the mysteries of music theory from her grasp. Playing her new ukulele somehow jiggled her thinking and she now understands the circle of fifths and how to make chords. . . and now she wants to start arranging music and writing some of her own.

Was it the ukulele? No, I think not. I think God used that ukulele as a pivot about which to reward her patience and faith and reveal her heart’s desire and unlock the mysteries of music.

He really does have our children’s hearts in his care.

So have faith and be patient and watch His majesty shine in our children.

Has your patience ever wavered as you tried to be faithful?


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