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My week was filled with memories this week

Look In My EyesI realized this morning that those of us with teenagers still have wonderful stories to share about our children.

We may not have cute young kids running through the living room anymore, but we do have our memories of those days.

We can share those memories with the benefit of hindsight to give those of you with young children some comfort that the tough times will pass.

We went through plenty of tough times when my children were little, but there were fantastic moments as well.

My children have always been good at expressing themselves, but sometimes I forget what they could do when they were little.

I was cleaning out another pile this week and found a stack of writing and art my kids did long ago. As I looked through them, I realized how much we can forget about our children even when we are with them every day at home.

“If you look into my eyes

you shall see such wonders

it is worth more than gold.”

– my boy, aged 7

My boy was only seven when he wrote these lines. He has always had a gift for the poetry of language. There are some poems he holds close and will not share and some he only shows us and no one else. I love his writing.

That said, his sister is the novelist of the family. She has an ability to craft a story that outmatches most published authors.

Where did my kids get these gifts? Certainly not from me. I do not have their abilities. I suspect I know, though.

I praise Him every day for the gift he gave me in my children and the ability to homeschool them. But what mother doesn’t?

Hold your children a little closer this weekend. Enjoy them. No matter what age they are, they are wonderful and a gift to treasure. And you are given a front row seat!

Did you have a moment with your children to share this week? Please do, I would love to hear about it!

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