K is for Kitchen {Blogging Through The Alphabet Link Up}

K is for Kitchen {Blogging Through The Alphabet Link Up}

K is for KitchenAnd so in many ways the kitchen is the heart of our homeschool. When I think of our homeschool and what it all really boils down to, we could lose our entire house in a disaster and we could still happily homeschool if the kitchen remained standing.

I know that is a really strange image, but for me it would still be our cozy homeschool.

Most everything in our homeschool revolves around the kitchen. We do art at the kitchen table and science experiments at the table or on the kitchen sink. For many years we had lunch together at the kitchen table with card games, until the lives of teenagers changed our schedule. It is where my children learned to cook and wash dishes, but also where they learned fractions and addition while baking. We did formal math and spelling at the kitchen table too. That way I could make dinner while discussing problems or spelling words with the kids.

My kitchen is packed full of all those memories. From the early days when my little ones had their first bath in the kitchen sink, to when they were first able to sit up in high chairs and eat Cheerios by themselves as I read stories to them and tickled their toes.

In fact my children’s whole lives have can be measured and marked by strong memories I have of them in our kitchen.

And so it really is true for us that the heart of our homeschool and my role as mother lies in my kitchen.

When you sit and think about homeschooling your kids, does one particular room in your house stand out? Which one is it?


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  • Mother of 3

    Definitely our kitchen table! We spent most of our day in the kitchen now.

    • Kirsten West

      I love that!

  • Our table is the center of it all for us, though we are spreading out a bit more this year. But we all come together around the table.

    • Kirsten West

      I totally understand. Before we started homeschooling, the table was just a place to eat and now it has become a meeting place, study hall, art studio, sewing spot, and so much more.