It Isn’t Christmas Without The Tree, or Is It? | Our Weekly WrapUp

It Isn’t Christmas Without The Tree, or Is It? | Our Weekly WrapUp

We got our tree this week and it got me to thinking.

Christmas Without TreeGrowing up, Christmas was about the smells of cooking and the holiday cakes and cookies. It was about shoes placed in front of our bedroom doors on St. Nicholas day, holiday music, winter sweaters, and the anticipation of entering the Christmas Room on Christmas Eve to see the tree.

The climax of Christmas for me as a child was that decorated tree.

The living room was closed off after Thanksgiving and we were not even allowed a peek until the sun went down on Christmas Eve. Then we got to enter the candle-lit room and gaze at the tree decorated with ornaments and candles. Christmas Day held no significance at all for us. I was told this was all because that was the way you did Christmas in Germany, where my mother was raised.

But the missing piece to my childhood Christmases was that the whole reason for the holiday was left out.

Growing up in an atheist home, we never talked about why Christmas was. We were just given the ‘pomp and circumstance’ of the lead-up to it.

For me now, the smell of the Christmas tree is bliss.

As an adult, I get a wonderfully-happy feeling when we finally get the Christmas tree in the house. I love the smell, mostly. The smell of freshly cut pine is one of those supremely happy smells for me.

But, I now realize that Christmas is so much more than the tree.

Tree or no tree. Presents or no presents. It will be Christmas in spite of anything we do or prepare or buy. Christmas is not about getting together as a family. It is not about carols or evenings in front of a roaring fire. Those are all the ways we can celebrate.

But Christmas is a birthday. It is a date in history. It was a moment when everything changed in the world. And it came without a tree.

Now, I was busy this week with posts and videos. . .

I Entered The Wild World of YouTube This Week By Recording A Story I Told To My Kids When They Were Little

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  • Kym Thorpe

    Finally! Got my Highlights post up – the last couple days have been a whole series of fails and flops. So the thumbnail I chose when I linked my post up had nothing to do with those fails, but it was way too funny not to use it! 😉 Thanks for hosting! (I read the first Drew Farthering mystery and really enjoyed it, so I’m off to read your review of the much newer one)

    • Kirsten West

      Oh, I must go and find the first Drew Farthering story to read – I jumped right into the series. Such fun books! I am sorry you had a week of fails and flops! I hope your Christmas was good, though.

  • Busy week! I love the way you share about the memory of Christmas and what it means to you now.

    • Kirsten West

      Thank you. I think it is just a sign of getting older. . . 🙂

  • oh but Christmas is a birthday isn’t it? I LIKE IT!

    • Kirsten West

      Thank you!