A Girl Who Loves Color – But Why?

A Girl Who Loves Color – But Why?

A Girl Who Loves ColorWe all know that colorful toys and room decorations and pillows make a child’s room cheery and generally make our children happy.

My children spent some time the other day with a set of markers that are a solid tempera paint called Kwik Stix for an upcoming review. Actually, they would have played with these Thin Stix no matter what because they are just a ton of fun and my kids love color! (can you tell from the picture my daughter did?)

But why does color make our children so happy?

As adults, many of us gradually shift our color tastes to a more muted pallette. I, myself, went from patriotic red-white-and-blue colors when I was younger to preferring muted sages and blues and pale yellows.

And so we come back to the question of why do children love color?

There is a fascinating article on The Colour of Childhood that talks a lot about different aspects of color and children and how tastes do change.

Dynamic art may hold a clue…

Yayoi Kusama did a dynamic art installation where people added colored stickers to a blank room wherever they liked and over time the room filled with a color pattern created by the group.

There is a short youtube video (below) that shows the progression of the art piece. Perhaps if I watch it over and over, I will be able to suss out a pattern.

And now we get to my own children and their art…

They obviously love bright colors, too.

Why? I guess I still don’t know exactly why. But it is wonderful, isn’t it?

Do Your Children Love Color As Well? What Are Their Favorites and Are They Different From Your Own?



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  1. We have plans to do the elephant soon.. Love yalls version 🙂

    1. Oh, the elephant is a fun lesson! One of our neighbors grew up in Ghana and talks about what it was like with my kids a lot, so it had more meaning to my children. Thank you for the complement! Let me know when you all get yours up – I would love to see pictures!

    1. My boy too. Pencil drawing can be so wonderful! Thanks for sharing that idea!

  2. I’ve never thought that much about how color preferences change from child to adult, but I think it’s often true. My daughter loves bright bold colors for her socks and for her hair. LOL Love how your elephant turned out!

    1. Thanks! My son was a bit disappointed but drawing freehand is quite challenging. You made him very happy!

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