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Why Do You Need Fellowship With Other Homeschool Moms?

Finding Fellowship As A Homeschool Mom

When you homeschool, your life changes. You have problems and joys that other moms may not understand. Even if you have plenty of friends, it can be helpful to have a few who know what it is like to have a bad day. It helps to have someone to share that blessed day where everything in your homeschool goes perfectly.

Look To Your Local Homeschooling Association For Fellowship

Finding Fellowship As A Homeschool Mom | Back to Homeschool 2017 1There is probably an association in your state that is dedicated to helping homeschooling families, including providing fellowship and opportunities to get togther. In my state, it is CHEA (not the terra cotta pet that grows when you water it, but the Christian Home Educators Association of California that has been around since 1982, older even than the HSLDA). CHEA helps to bring homeschooling families in California together and provides opportunities for fellowship, as well as educating and supporting homeschooling in our state. They also have a blog called Homeschool 411 that is great reading, even if you aren’t in California.

You Can Also Find Fellowship On The Internet

Since you may not have a homeschool mom in your neighborhood with whom you can chat, the Internet offers a wonderful avenue to finding and communicating with homeschooling moms.

There are a lot of homeschooling mentors on the Internet, but perhaps the one person who stands out is Laurie Bluedorn. She and her husband, Harvey, homeschooled their (now adult) children using classical Christian methods and began a tremendous effort evangelizing homeschooling and providing fellowship for anyone who asks. Their children are the authors of the Logic Detective books that my children loved so well.

My favorite quote that sums up Laurie Bluedorn’s contribution to homeschooling is, “Remember, homeschooling is for parents. The children are just coming along for the ride… Homeschooling saves two generations: first the parent, then the children.”

Laurie is now quite ill and I wanted to highlight her contributions so that you can all benefit from her experience and ideas, and perhaps send her a bit of encouragement as well:

Books on Homeschooling:

Books on Art:

Videos on Homeschooling:

Laurie Bluedorn on the Internet:

@LaurieBludorn (Twitter) (blog)

This brings us to the end of 5 Days of Back To Homeschool (a blog hop sponsored by the Homeschool Review Crew – one of the main places I find fellowship amongst a group of wonderful homeschool moms).


And now, Where Do You Turn For Fellowship with other Homeschool Moms?


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