E is for Everything – Wouldn’t It Be Great? {Blogging Through The Alphabet Link Up}

E is for Everything – Wouldn’t It Be Great? {Blogging Through The Alphabet Link Up}

Welcome back to Blogging Through the Alphabet! We are on week 5, and that means the letter E. . .

. . .join my two wonderful co-hosts ( Amanda @ Hopkins Homeschool and DaLynn @ Biblical Womanhood) and me as we blog together through the alphabet (Link Up is below)

Now, let’s consider ‘E’. . .

E is for Everything – Wouldn’t It Be Great?

E is for Everything
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The biggest challenge when you homeschool is finding books and materials and curricula to teach your children. So many of us end up from time to time purchasing something that we think will work wonderfully for our children. Your child uses it for a while until, just when you are feeling pretty awesome for having found that great product, and FLOP – your son tells you, “Mommy I never liked this or understood it but I was trying really hard to make it work because you were so happy.” Ever have a moment like that?

Well I have. Many times.

And so I always wished to find a source of homeschooling lessons that had everything in one spot. Everything in one bin is a wonderful idea. The more I looked though, the more I realized that if homeschooled children are allowed to learn at their own pace, they will naturally accelerate through some subjects and proceed slowly in others. So the idea of finding one grade-level package of curriculum simply won’t work for most of us.

Finding everything in one package would be great.

Wouldn’t it?

Well, I found it today. I was watching a video describing how you can use SchoolhouseTeachers.com. We have used SchoolhouseTeachers.com off an on for years. I really love their classes and resources. I even thought that I knew all there was to know about everything on the site. My kids learned to spell as youngsters with Schoolhouse Spelling. We acted out Simply Shakespeare plays with when the kids were young. They learned writing with the Ben Franklin Writing Method class. We are currently using Michelle Miller’s Age of Revolution I course called as part of 9th grade history, and I have the Ancient History: Babylonian Life and Mythology course teed up and waiting in the wings.

But then I watched that video with one of the teachers, Cindy Waller Stalnaker, chatting about different ways you can use your membership. All of a sudden, as she was discussing what a scope and sequence was and how you can use it, I realized that I had found Everything!

Everything was right there in front of me in SchoolhouseTeachers.com!

  • Need math lessons for kids from PreK through PreCalculus? They have it!
  • Need history lessons for all grades taught in classical education methods? Yup, it is there!
  • Need writing and spelling and literature for your child during her entire education till she is ready for college, including SAT prep? Once again, they have it!
  • How about foreign languages for middle and high school? Yes!
  • Art lessons? Yes, for all grades!
  • High school electives? You guessed it – yes!
  • Science classes like biology, chemistry, anatomy, nature studies, marine biology, physics? That would be a yes!
  • Need safe videos for your kids? Yep – they have them from companies like RightNow Media and the Drive Thru History series.
  • How about access to research tools and an online encyclopedia like World Book? Yes!
  • What about planning tools and recordkeeping and planners and transcripts? Yup!

The list goes on and on. . . and everything is designed for you to teach your child at their own pace and in the way you want to implement it.

The fantastic part was using the Scope and Sequence tools, all of the options for classes for each grade are right there in a PDF for you to download. Each subject has many different types of courses to match different learning styles and teaching methodologies from Classical Education to Traditional to Charlotte Mason to Unit Studies to Hands-On and more.

Up till today, I was homeschooling with materials I hand picked for each subject and used SchoolhouseTeachers.com as a supplement.

But after realizing that I had found Everything with options for my kids to choose from, I am now homeschooling my kids with SchoolhouseTeachers.com and I use various other handpicked materials as supplements.

I found Everything!

And It Is Great because. . .

For the next few days there is a Super Thankful Flash Sale BOGO event at SchoolhouseTeachers.com! You can purchase a one year membership and you get one extra year free! That is full access to Everything you need to homeschool all your kids (no books needed or external subscriptions) for two years for only 19 cents a day! That is a fantastic deal! Plus, you get a free tote as part of the sale.

You may already have a curriculum in place for this year for your kids, but for only 19 cents a day, why not add the SchoolhouseTeachers membership and let your kids explore and research and learn on their own and eventually your supplement might turn into your Everything – just like it did for me!

Hop on over to SchoolhouseTeachers.com and purchase today to get in on this fantastic deal! You will be so happy you did the next time your son or daughter needs to find a course that works for them!

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Do you have a source for Everything for your homeschool?

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  1. I have more of a hard time focusing and not trying to teach EVERYTHING under the sun. I always feel so bad that there is so much out there that I might never get to teach them.

    1. I totally understand what you mean!

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