Drew Farthering, Gentleman Detective

Drew Farthering, Gentleman Detective

Death at Thorburn Hall by Julianna Deering {a review}

Drew Farthering Gentleman DetectiveA perfect, cozy read for you and your teen

Drew Farthering and his wife are back in this sixth wonderful mystery by Julianna Deering. As Drew begins to investigate the death of his host at Thorburn Hall in Scotland, he quickly realizes that the death is in fact a murder.

Is it Nazis or just plain criminals? The mystery that Drew must untangle goes beyond a simple death. The more he investigates, the deeper the danger becomes so after stashing his intrepid wife, Madeline, in a local hotel, Drew gets down to the gentlemanly business for solving the mystery that the police are unwilling to investigate.

The characters are believable and real

Drew Farthering really is a gentleman detective. He is steady and kind and very, very smart. But so is his wife. Drew keeps a gentle eye on Madeline, but she is just as capable as he.

As I began reading, Drew Farthering’s character and the writing style reminded me very much of Dorothy Sayers’ Lord Peter Wimsey. But unlike Lord Peter with his flair and flourish, Drew Farthering is a real-to-life character. Drew is a man’s man, with the sorts of qualities you admire in your husband: honesty, helpfulness, protective of his wife, and a forthright nature.

The story is exciting with solid values that make it perfect for teens and mom

It can be so hard to find fun books for your teen to read with solid values these days. When we go to the library, the teen section is jammed with books I really don’t want my teens reading. So we usually end up in the adult fiction or mystery sections. Even there, as you probably already know, you have to be careful what you let your teen take home to read.

But the Drew Farthering Mysteries are perfect for teens. The values are wholesome, there is a historical setting, and the relationship between Drew and his wife Madeline is one to be admired.

Overall, this story is fantastic. If you are looking for a gift for a teenager in your life, this series would be perfect. (or maybe you are in need of a fun read for yourself!)

Publisher’s Description

Investigating a suspicious accident leads Drew on a path that points to international intrigue and ever-growing danger

Drew Farthering arrives in idyllic Scotland for the 1935 British Open at Muirfield, hoping for a relaxing holiday with his wife, Madeline, and friend Nick. But death meets him once again when Lord Rainsby, their host at Thorburn Hall, is killed in a suspicious riding accident–only days after confiding in Drew his fears that his business partner was embezzling funds.

Thorburn Hall is filled with guests, and as Drew continues to dig, he realizes that each appears to have dark motives for wanting Rainsby out of the way. Together with Madeline and Nick, he must sort through shady business dealings, international intrigue, and family tensions to find a killer who always seems to be one step ahead.

About The Author

Julianna Deering is the creator of the acclaimed Drew Farthering Mystery series. She has always loved British history and is a particular fan of the writings of Dorothy Sayers and Agatha Christie. She graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a degree in business administration and spent several years as a Certified Public Accountant. She lives outside Dallas, Texas. For more information visit www.juliannadeering.com.



Book Details

Death at Thorburn Hall

A Drew Farthering Mystery

by Julianna Deering
Ages: Teens & Adults
ISBN: 9780764218293
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Pub. Date: Nov 2017
SRP $15.99

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