Where Do All Those Dishes Come From? | Our Weekly Wrapup & Friday Funnies, Flops, and Fails Link Up

Where Do All Those Dishes Come From? | Our Weekly Wrapup & Friday Funnies, Flops, and Fails Link Up

Where do all those dirty dishes keep coming from?

Where Do All Those Dishes Come From?That is what I thought every morning this week. I go to bed and the kitchen still could use a quick cleanup, but I can get that done in the morning, I think to myself.

Then I get up with the chickens the next morning, literally, and BAM! my kitchen just became a life-sized diorama of the aftermath of world war III!

I dutifully clean it, make the sink sparkle, and the next morning there we are again!

Now admittedly, I don’t have time every morning to get to the sparkle state of being. And when I go to bed at night there are some dishes that need to be cleaned already. But there is something about having teenagers that begats dirty dishes!

Our homeschooling week was full of readings and lessons and activities galore!

Afternoons were full of the sounds of cello and viola and trumpet and many, many other instruments being tuned and played. The kids were busy programming and reading and doing their lessons. There were scout meetings and karate internships and we prepared costumes for the upcoming candy-fest that is Halloween.

In all the week was a great one, except the conundrum of the dishes!

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Homeschooling can be messy and there may be tears, and your laundry absolutely never, ever, gets done! But it still is the absolute best thing you have ever done and the best life you could possibly imagine for your kids and for you, right?!

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  1. Oh the dishes (and laundry) seem to multiply mysteriously here too. So frustrating!!

    1. 🙂 I am glad it is not just me!

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