Comfort versus Reassurance | DoodleMom Diaries

Comfort versus Reassurance | DoodleMom Diaries

This afternoon my teenage daughter got really scared. The kind of down-to-your-toes spooked that shakes you to your core.

I was with her at the time and it really was disturbing, but I found myself in a dilemma. Do I acknowledge that it was scary so she understands that her judgement is spot-on? Or do I act more reassuring and let her know that it really was safe because I was there to be mama and protect her?

Comfort (as all Mama’s want to do) or Reassure (so she builds confidence in her own judgement)?

If my child were younger, this would not be a hard decision for me. I would obviously choose to give her a sense of security at the expense of reassuring her that her instincts were correct.

But she is a teenager. I need her to gain more and more self-reliance. She already knows there is true evil in the world. She also knows that her father and I will protect her to our last breath. But I think she needs to know absolutely to trust her instincts. Those are the first alert system that will protect her as she goes through life.

And so I opted for a bit of both.

What would you do?

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    1. Sadly, I know exactly. I keep waiting for that act of God to set things right. . . I guess we just have continue to try to be patient and faithful.

  1. I read this morning, feeling and emotions – God put them there for a reason. Certainly we need to help them understand and navigate they feelings. While also being there. 🙂

    1. You are absolutely right! Thank you!

  2. I probably would have done the same. That’s a hard call, so I guess you follow your own instincts too, and then follow up with a discussion later on.

    1. That makes sense, thank you!

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