Cold Weather, Warm Hearts | Our Weekly WrapUp

Cold Weather, Warm Hearts | Our Weekly WrapUp

Cold Weather, Warm HeartsCold Weather, Warm Hearts

Our Weekly WrapUp

This week has been one of those good weeks. It was filled with beginnings and fresh starts. We got back into doing lessons and I cranked my blogging activity back into high gear.

Yes there were some downs, but by far the ups won. But even out here in California, it was cold (at least for me).

The wonderful thing about staying home with your children is that the weather might be cold, but your heart is warmed by the love you share with your children as you homeschool them.

We were also working on some children’s book reviews so you can look for those over the next few weeks, as well as many more posts about the relaxed way we homeschool and tips for teaching the tough bits.

There was a song that kept playing in my head this week. A song so good and true and honest and . . . happy.

So happy New Year week!

Take a listen to some pure heartland goodness – Colder Weather by Zac Brown (and Brianna) and let them warm your heart.

How Cold Was it Where You Were This Week?

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  • Mother of 3

    very cold! It’s only 5 right now.

    • Kirsten West

      Aaak! Do you just stay inside or do you have to go out?

      • Mother of 3

        I pretty much refuse to leave the house until/ unless temps are in the double digits.

  • Rebecca C

    It is cold for us in Eastern NC. I’m ready for it to warm up.

    • Kirsten West

      I hope it does soon!

  • Kym Thorpe

    It was super cold for us in Maryland! I think the HIGH today is 5. The high!! I was thankful for any time I could stay inside where it was warm. Happy New Year!

    • Kirsten West

      Oh, so cold!!! Happy New Year to you too!