Ever wish you had markers

My daughter loves to draw with markers My daughter sat down last night to draw and color. This was a night just like any other in our home. My daughter sits on her bed at night and sketches and draws. But the difference is that last night she used the Magic Stix Washable Markers from The Pencil Grip, Inc that came in the mail yesterday for us to review. These markers are guaranteed to not dry out if the cap is left off, for seven days! The great people at The Pencil Grip gave us the opportunity to try out these new markers, and boyRead More →

Thin Stix Creativity Pack Review

A review of the Thin Stix Creativity Pack from The Pencil Grip, Inc. I was excited to get the opportunity to review the Thin Stix Creativity Pack from The Pencil Grip, Inc. with its neon and ‘metalix’ colors. This package gives you all the tools you need to have wonderful art sessions with the whole family. The Thin Stix are perfect for youngsters but even teenagers and adults can use them with fantastic results. What comes in a package of Thin Stix Creativity Pack will surprise you. The Thin Stix Creativity Pack comes with 24 different Thin Stix in 12 classic, 6 neon, and 6Read More →

My daughter loves to draw and paint. Ever since she was old enough to hold a crayon in her fist, she has been creating art. For her it is a way to express joy and sorrow. The other day, she drew a chicken as a birthday present. In our house drawings and paintings make the best presents! The bit that really struck me about this chicken is how happy she is! And that means that my daughter is happy as well. And that is a wonderful present for anyone in the family! Stop by and see all the wonderful art at the Virtual Refrigerator BlogRead More →

Everyday Cooking, a cookbook for homeschooling families from Everyday Homemaking When my children are grown and move away to start families of their own, I want them both to know how to cook and so I was very excited when we got the opportunity to review “Everyday Cooking“, a cookbook filled with extra tips and ideas from Everyday Homemaking. More Than Just A Cookbook Everyday Cooking is so much more than just a cookbook. Vicki Bentley wrote this book for her daughters. She wanted them to have one spot filled with all the recipes that they grew up with, as well as advice and directionsRead More →

Can You Guess The Character? My kids enjoy drawing and movies and stories. So this week for the virtual fridge, my daughter gave me a pencil drawing she did of a favorite movie character. My daughter loves this movie. Well, actually we all do. We have watched it so many, many times that I could probably recite all the lines and describe all the action in one long monologue. (Oh, if only you could get paid to do that!) Stop by and see all the wonderful art at the Virtual Refrigerator Blog Hop! (and thanks! to Homeschool Coffee Break and Every Bed of Roses forRead More →

My children love music. All kinds. They play all sorts of instruments but perhaps the most versatile are the string instruments. Growing up I thought that violin was just a  squeaky version of the grand master of all instruments (the cello) – yes I play the cello so I am biased. But then I was introduced to Scottish music and the genius of Alasdair Fraser and his violin. Just take a listen and tell me that this doesn’t grab you! OK, well he does play with a woman named Natalie Haas who in point of fact does play that most important of all instruments, theRead More →

My kids love art and music, but they combine them in the most unique ways.   This week, my teen daughter demonstrated that you are never too old to love Pokemon.     Here is this week’s art sketch: And a music pick from my budding artist: yes, the violinist does play really fast towards the middle (something my daughter aspires to on her viola) but watch through to the end for the totally unique bit (or bite) – take that Itzhak Perlman!   …and Thank You to Homeschool Coffee Break and Every Bed of Roses for hosting this art linkup! You can click throughRead More →

Tenacity & Touch Typing

Review of The Typing Coach Online Typing Course by The Typing Coach I was very excited to be given the opportunity to review The Typing Coach Online Typing Course, a curriculum from The Typing Coach, but I was not prepared for the tenacity and perseverance my son would develop while working through the course. This course is designed by an old fashioned typing teacher in a way that allows you and your children to learn and perfect their typing skills at home and at your own pace. How We Began Using The Materials I began by reading through the introductory information online and printing aRead More →