This week we had ‘THE’ day. The one day a year my children look forward to more than any other. Once a year, the Monterey Bay Aquarium opens its doors to homeschoolers at no charge. This is a big deal as the tickets can really set you back and frankly we wouldn’t be able to go if it weren’t for the homeschool day. Getting tickets for those homeschool days is no mean feat! You are given a day and a time to log in and request a ticket and you must be patient. This year I sat in the virtual queue for more than twoRead More →

Homeschoolers Rarely Stay Home Possibly the biggest myth about homeschooling is that you stay at home to do it. I have to admit that those few days that we are at home all day are days that I cherish. They are slow and easy and I can multitask and get all the housework and cooking done without scurrying. But there are not many of those days. Especially when your children are young. There were years, before my kids reached high school age and began apprenticeships and evening clubs and activities, that we would pack up each morning and be gone for most of the day.Read More →

I am certain that how we celebrate fall is unique: with a circus, a birthday, and a time of curriculum transition. It is birthday time for the self-proclaimed patriarch of our family. Yes, we love him so we agnowledge his partiarchy generally without reservation, but we still like to give him a hard time about the idea. For us fall also always means a trip to the circus. The patriarch has been to the circus every year since I have known him, which is getting close to a length of time we can safely refer to as stretching back to “the olden days.” I loveRead More →

Why is it that some kids hesitate? You know that they can do it. You have seen them do it before. And yet their confidence quivers at the critical moment. There is some unwanted little voice telling them to wait. You watch your child. You will them to do what you know they can. And yet they do not hear your thoughts, only those of that unwanted voice in their head. And they falter. Perhaps they even fail. Your insides twist into a knot. You resist the urge to go help them. You really need to let them try on their own to regain theirRead More →

Bike riding Pool rating [rate how many life guards there are, how crowded things are, others like that] Hikes in the shade Make popsicles out of fruit juice Read, read, read, read, and read – Doodle Bug Red Feel Free to Share with Your Friends!31Read More →

Summer has started and it’s getting warmer so we are taking a survey of the pools in the Santa Clara county region. Santa Clara Swim Club Pool Life Guards on duty: 11-12 Pool Depth Pool 1: 3 feet Pool 2: 14 feet Diving Pool: 20 feet Equipment: in great shape Diving Boards: very safe and strong The only problem with this pool is there was a fire a week or two ago and we are not sure of the damage to the equipment. But when we went there it was fun to be in the huge pool! – Doodle Bug Two Feel Free to ShareRead More →

Taking your kids to a renaissance fair can be a great way to spend the day – especially if they have spent time learning about Renaissance Europe and Tutor England. Only downside is if your kids are like mine, they may spend time pointing out the historical inconsistencies at the fair. Either way, they will have a really fun day and feel as if they have been transported back in time. The look of awe on their face as two knights come to blows in a joust is well worth the entrance fee. Feel Free to Share with Your Friends!31Read More →