I Went Overboard With The Record Keeping for Years Take it from me, it is absolutely possible to go overboard with the planning and the record keeping in a homeschool. The first year we homeschooled our children, I wrote a paragraph each day for each lesson my kids did. I documented the materials we used and the time it took and the top keywords that I might need in the future if I needed to show all the topics they were learning. I kept and filed every blessed piece and scrap of paper and art project and photos of every outing. I kept this upRead More →

Boy has life changed from the days when summer meant trips to the library and the beach and playing in a kiddie pool in the backyard! This week was filled with preparations for one teen to go be a camp councilor and driving another teen back and forth to their summer internship. And so our activities were dominated by lists and driving and sitting and rushing and waiting and some more driving… We also had a heatwave to contend with, so the kids made a truly redneck-style swimming hole for the overheated chickens. I ended up putting a lawn chair in the middle of itRead More →

Sailing Through Failure versus Getting Caught in the Eddies of Disappointment This morning I ran across a wonderful short video that a homeschooled girl (Hannah) made demonstrating her rubber-band powered paddle boat. What a wonderful demonstration of how positive a homeschool fail can be! She starts the video by discussing how she made the boat and why she colored the bath water. Then she winds the paddle up on the back of her milk-carton boat, puts it in the water, and…. …. it doesn’t go. So unfazed, she takes it out an talks about how she designed the pencil-struts that hold the paddle so thatRead More →

​I think we had a fail this week… This week we sat down for a group reading and discussion session. It began with reading about the events surrounding the admission of the last of the western united states into the union. All began well, but then it devolved. Somehow my kids turned the history of the United States into a two hour long discussion and research project around the sacrifice that Abraham was prepared to make and would that be something you could do to your own child. Life with teens really is interesting! Well, it was a history lesson fail, but maybe a homeschoolRead More →

​Dear Homeschooling Mom, We may not have met, but in a real sense I know you. You see, I homeschool my children too. I know how tired you are. I know how deep you must dig every morning to get up early and prepare before getting the kids up to do lessons. Each morning when the alarm goes off and you think, “Oh please give me ten more minutes,” remember why you are getting up. You are rising early to prepare for a beautiful day with your children. You get the privilege of standing by their side today and witnessing the miracle of learning. YourRead More →

So here we are again on the cusp of the end of another week of homeschooling. Our homeschooling week was overpowered by one massive flop: our angel cat died. This cat was special. I know everyone says that their cat is special. But this cat really was different. He did not behave like cats do. He was born under a bush behind a grocery store and my brother-in-law befriended his mother and saved the whole litter as well as momma cat. And that is how our angel cat came to live with us. We knew he was different from the beginning. He had no meow,Read More →

Who Are These Kids? Maybe this happens to all homeschooling parents. This week abounded with opportunities for me to face humility as a homeschooling mom. We can’t always be right about things. We try, as homeschooling moms to work lessons ahead of time, understand the material before teaching it, and find resources to help us in areas we are weak. But… sometimes the best laid plans fail and our weaknesses are exposed. And that is where my fail for this week begins… Poetry Rears Its Ugly Head… My children have been asking for ages and ages for me to start reading Dante’s Inferno to them.Read More →

Mom is a word that is for me happy and sad at the same time. Mom is not necessarily your birth mom – she can be an adoptive mom or a mom-in-law and in some cases that is really best. I am blessed with a wonderful Mom-in-Law and beautiful children for me to ‘Mom’. The happy part of Mom is my role in the world that irreversibly shifted when my children were born. I became Mom and that will never change. As Mom, I strive each day to fill a set of my own mom-requirements: Mom is a cornerstone of a family. Mom is theRead More →