A is for Art & Advice

ABCs of Homeschooling With Grace Week 1: A is for Art & Advice I decided to post each week with two subjects: first I will share some teaching resources we love in our homeschool, and second some advice for mom. This week is all about the letter A and I am highlighting Art resources for your homeschool and places to find Advice for mom… Art Resources Teaching Techniques & Great Resources I Used in My Homeschool Art History: Polite Sarcasm (with Sister Wendy) Ideas & Fostering Creativity: Dancing Sculptures, Cookie Creations (painting & baking), Chaos Begats Creativity, Togetherness Teaching Art: Awesome Color & Color WheelRead More →

The ABCs of Homeschooling With Grace

Blogging Through The Alphabet Will Begin Thursday, Oct 12 It is time to start another round of Blogging Through The Alphabet and this time, I get to help co-host! I will be co-hosting with Amanda from Hopkins Homeschool and DaLynn from Biblical Womanhood. I am super excited to read what everyone writes each week! I will keep a master list of each week’s posts on this page – that way it will be easy for you to find the linkup. How It Works As you probably know, the way we do Blogging Through The Alphabet  is that Amanda and DaLynn and I will post aRead More →