Why DoodleMom?

When my twins were born, The Hub declared that they would be homeschooled. I resisted, as I was raised to believe that public schooling was the best option for children, even though my personal experience with it was less-than stellar. When the twins were toddlers, again The Hub issued his edict, and again I resisted. When they reached kindergarten age, The Hub relented and I trotted them off to the local public school. All was fine for a year or so, and since my kids were already far beyond what the other children were learning in school, it was more of a playtime for them. They were happy, we thought, and so we were happy.

Then when our twins started 2nd grade, we realized that they were not getting any reasonable sort of education at our local public school.

Without my realizing it, we had become the “reasons-we-homeschool” poster family: large class sizes, extreme bullying, abusive teachers, curriculum focused on humanist global initiatives, and bored gifted children. My smart daughter asked me why I couldn’t just teach her at home. I realized she was right and so our adventure began.

After a wild first year of schooling at home using a virtual charter school, I realized that every homeschooling parent I met had a few things in common: interest in new options to augment their homeschooling efforts, fierce independent spirit, and inquisitive kids. Now, after a few years of this adventure, we are on the independent homeschooling path for good.

Yes, The Hub had been right all along. Homeschooling was the right choice for us. I should have listened to him and I regret it every day as we work through all the issues created in public school that plague my children.

I created this blog so I can share all the tips and tricks and curriculum we have experimented with. I write for other parents with kids in alternative schooling situations – from homeschooling to learning-at-home charter schools, or really any parent that loves their child enough to teach them as best as possible – regardless of schooling choice. (It is also a place for me to practice writing)

Please comment freely on this site and if you stumble on a method of learning a subject that really works for your kids, please share!


DoodleMom’s Background

Some of you may wonder about my background and why I happily teach my kids without a packaged science or math curriculum. I had a life before having kids and was planning to be a college professor until I got to that point and realized that the life was not for me. I worked a number of years in marketing and sales and then developed a reliable model for predicting new technology market growth that I turned into a market analysis company, so I could work with my husband and be home with the kids as they grew. Once we began homeschooling, I shuttered the market analysis down and now that I have developed a slew of homeschooling curricula for my own kids, I am publishing these beginning with the Doodles Do Algebra series.


  • B.S. Physics, minor in Mathematics (1989), San Jose State University, San Jose, CA
  • M.S Applied Physics (1991), San Jose State University, San Jose, CA. Masters Thesis Entitled: “Comparison of data analysis and experimental techniques for analysis of planetary atmospheres”
  • Ph.D. Biophysics (1995), University of California at Davis, Davis, CA. Dissertation Entitled: “Measurements of Motor Protein Forces using the Centrifuge Microscope”
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Techniques Short Course (1996), San Jose State University, San Jose, CA

Teaching Experience, beyond homeschooling

  • Reproduction and Development, University of California at Davis
  • Introduction to Physics, San Jose State University
  • Manager, Physics Tutoring Center, San Jose State University
  • Cello Teacher, local music school

Academic Publications

  • Force−velocity relationships in kinesin-driven motility; Kirsten Hall, Douglas G. Cole, Yin Yeh, Jonathan M. Scholey & Ronald J. Baskin; Nature 364, 457 – 459 (29 July 1993)
  • Novel heterotrimeric kinesin-related protein purified from sea urchin eggs; D. G. Cole, S. W. Chinn, K. P. Wedaman, K. Hall, T. Vuong & J. M. Scholey; Nature 366, 268 – 270 (18 November 1993)
  • “Comparison of data analysis and experimental techniques for analysis of planetary atmospheres,” 1991. Published in Journal of Chromatography and J. Chromatographic Science.

Other Qualifications

  • Principal Cellist, San Jose State University Orchestra (1987-1989)
  • Associate Researcher, Exobiology Group, NASA Ames Research Center, Mountain View, CA (1986-1991). Developed novel techniques to measure organic pre-cusors to life in planetary atmospheres using lasers and multiplexed gas chromatography, and also used filtering techniques to analyze data collected on planetary missions from the 1970’s.
  • Principal Researcher, “Handheld Semiconductor Laser Water Contamination Sensor” Deacon Research in Collaboration with Oak Ridge National Research Lab (1995)
  • Sales Manager, Windows CE & ASIC Development. Eclipse International (1998-1999)
  • Product Development & Marketing Consulting (1995-2015)
    • Semiconductors
    • Flat Panel Displays
    • Wireless Technologies (WiFi, Bluetooth, EnOcean, Zwave, Zigbee, UWB, proprietary)
    • Security Technologies
    • Electric Vehicles
    • Smart Cards
    • IP & Patent Research
  • Developed Proven Proprietary Macroeconomic Forecast Model for Emerging Technology Markets and Applications for West Technology Research Solutions LLC (2002-2014)
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