Jeremy Camp Shared “The Answer” With My Teens | A Giveaway & A Review

Jeremy Camp Shared "The Answer" With My Teens

Jeremy Camp Shared “The Answer” With My Teens | A Giveaway & A Review

I Am So Glad I Discovered Jeremy Camp’s Music

Jeremy Camp Shared "The Answer" With My Teens

I had frankly never heard of Jeremy Camp before I had the opportunity to review new CD (The Answer) for FlyBy, but I am so thankful that I did.

Jeremy Camp’s Music is Real & Authentic & My Teens Love “The Answer”

I love his music and his message. It is real and gritty and authentic. My teenagers, who are often the biggest critics when it comes to faith-based music, love Jeremy Camp’s music. The message is real and not preachy, a feature that is so important to teenagers. My kids listen to this music over, and over, and over as they work on school work or program or play video games or just relax and read books.

His Music Is Authentic

Jeremy Camp is a fantastic artist. I think what really makes his music stand out is that, as my teenage son exclaimed, “He really, really believes every word he sings!” Often times a musician sings a song so many times that the words start to lose meaning for him personally. But Jeremy Camp is not that kind of artist. Every word, every phrase is filled with his belief and faith.

His Words Give Me Strength

That belief that comes through in his music takes you to those places in your own world. The dark places you crawled out of. The moments of grace. The times you struggled to maintain your faith. Those are places I visit every time I listen to Jeremy Camp’s new CD. And his words and music give me the strength to remember those dark places as a visitor on a journey through memories, and the result is I reaffirm my faith.

Want To Listen For Yourself?

Word Of Life Music Video:

Word Of Life Song Story:

The Answer Music Video:

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Here is the Fun Part… The Giveaway!

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And finally, what music do you and your family love listening to?

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