My daughter loves to draw and paint. Ever since she was old enough to hold a crayon in her fist, she has been creating art. For her it is a way to express joy and sorrow. The other day, she drew a chicken as a birthday present. In our house drawings and paintings make the best presents! The bit that really struck me about this chicken is how happy she is! And that means that my daughter is happy as well. And that is a wonderful present for anyone in the family! Stop by and see all the wonderful art at the Virtual Refrigerator BlogRead More →

Can You Guess The Character? My kids enjoy drawing and movies and stories. So this week for the virtual fridge, my daughter gave me a pencil drawing she did of a favorite movie character. My daughter loves this movie. Well, actually we all do. We have watched it so many, many times that I could probably recite all the lines and describe all the action in one long monologue. (Oh, if only you could get paid to do that!) Stop by and see all the wonderful art at the Virtual Refrigerator Blog Hop! (and thanks! to Homeschool Coffee Break and Every Bed of Roses forRead More →

My kids love art and music, but they combine them in the most unique ways.   This week, my teen daughter demonstrated that you are never too old to love Pokemon.     Here is this week’s art sketch: And a music pick from my budding artist: yes, the violinist does play really fast towards the middle (something my daughter aspires to on her viola) but watch through to the end for the totally unique bit (or bite) – take that Itzhak Perlman!   …and Thank You to Homeschool Coffee Break and Every Bed of Roses for hosting this art linkup! You can click throughRead More →

A Girl Who Loves Color

We all know that colorful toys and room decorations and pillows make a child’s room cheery and generally make our children happy. My children spent some time the other day with a set of markers that are a solid tempera paint called Kwik Stix for an upcoming review. Actually, they would have played with these Thin Stix no matter what because they are just a ton of fun and my kids love color! (can you tell from the picture my daughter did?) But why does color make our children so happy? As adults, many of us gradually shift our color tastes to a more mutedRead More →

My son loves elephants and so this week he worked his way through  lesson in ArtAchieve, an online art curriculum we are currently reviewing. How did he get the super-bright colors for the background? Tune in again to find out more… until then it is a mystery but you might just find the same paints used in other pictures on the Virtual Refrigerator Blog Hop! If you would like to see what other wonderful art homeschoolers made this week, hop over to the Virtual Refrigerator hosted by some friends from the Homeschool Review Crew! Feel Free to Share with Your Friends!31Read More →

The Angel Said Do Not Be Afraid

  My daughter loves angels. There are loads of reasons for this but the upshot is that she has thought and read a lot about them. So the other day when we were discussing an episode of The Gospels from the Drive Thru History folks, she began talking about all the descriptions of angels in the Bible. I think the one which stood out the most for her was from the Book of Ezekiel. Here is the picture she made using oil pastels on watercolor paper using these products… As she said, “If angels were pretty and kind-looking, why would they always tell people notRead More →

We had a great art week. My daughter decided to embark on an adventure in watercolor and my son joined me in trying out an art lesson at Art Achieve called the Ukrainian Cat. I had planned to do the art lesson alone, but my son saw me coloring and offered to write a poem about the cat. So the cat became a collaboration and next week he wants to try drawing himself. All in all, a great homeschooling art week! I recently included this post in a Round Up (see below) so you can click through and read a host of other great homeschoolingRead More →

A Window To My Son’s Soul My son so badly wants to create that painting of a knight in shining armor that is in fact an advanced lesson in the Creating A Masterpiece online art lessons. He has been working diligently each week and enjoying every moment as he learns new techniques in drawing and painting with pencil, gesso, gouache, and acrylic. If I had told him ahead of time that the lesson was quite advanced and that perhaps he would have trouble, I am certain he never wold have made it through the lesson. And if he had struggled through then he definitely wouldn’tRead More →