​The Cat and The Green Army Men – A Homeschooling Parable The Parable We had a birthday recently in our house, which is always a cause for decorations and chocolate cake. This time I decorated the table with little plastic green army men and plastic chickens, for reasons that could only make sense if you knew my kids. Strangely, my kids never got to play with the green army men. Our little orange cat decided that in fact those green army men were for him. God only knows what goes through the mind of our cat and why molded green plastic toys are on hisRead More →

All Of Us Can ArtAchieve

​All Of Us Can ArtAchieve – A Review of Entire Level II Online Art Lessons for kids by ArtAchieve What Is ArtAchieve? When the opportunity to review ArtAchieve‘s Entire Level II Art Lessons for kids came our way, I could not pass it up. This is so much more than a set of art lessons. I realized immediately that these lessons are designed to teach your child eye-hand coordination, provide her with the skills to intently focus on tasks, and learn about a range of cultures and histories in a fun and engaging environment. The focus of ArtAchieve’s art curriculum is on two areas: First isRead More →

The Ocean & Deep Dark Holes | A Quick Science Unit Study Let’s start the week off with a bit of mystery and fun. Take a look at how deep and dark the hole that is our water-filled ocean goes… You could use this as a fun aside, or the start of a unit study on oceans or marine life, or simply a “Hey, Kids! Come over here and look at this utterly cool thing!” This is great for any age kid, and homeschooling moms too!     Ocean Art Activity And art always goes better with music to go with it. You could putRead More →