I Went Overboard With The Record Keeping for Years Take it from me, it is absolutely possible to go overboard with the planning and the record keeping in a homeschool. The first year we homeschooled our children, I wrote a paragraph each day for each lesson my kids did. I documented the materials we used and the time it took and the top keywords that I might need in the future if I needed to show all the topics they were learning. I kept and filed every blessed piece and scrap of paper and art project and photos of every outing. I kept this upRead More →

School Supplies for Your Homeschool The school year is starting in your homeschool and you go to reach for a pen to jot down a thought about teaching little Billy fractions in the kitchen while baking and…. there are no working pens! Has this ever happened to you (the reaching for a working pen or pencil and finding none)? Well it has happened to me! Essential Supplies for Your Homeschooling Year I have a list of essentials that I keep stocked in our homeschool throughout the year, just as I keep coffee stocked in the kitchen. Here is my list: Printer Paper – The qualityRead More →

This week was pretty run-of-the mill. We just continued along our merry homeschooling way. … BUT I found a pile of resources to use for next year as I continued to plan (my absolutely favorite activity, truth be told). So, here is what I have found so far… Books I ran across these wonderful fairy tale books (Fairy Tale Calculus) that teach the basics of calculus in a gentle and understandable way. I started looking through them to see if the kids could benefit and then got hooked! I think I will be reading these aloud in the fall!   We are also reading TheRead More →

​OPC Rescued Me, and My Homeschool – A Review of Homeschool Rescue from Only Passionate Curiosity What Is It? Homeschool Rescue from Only Passionate Curiosity (OPC) is a wonderful service that allows Moms to take a close and honest look at themselves and their homeschool and then guides us through the process of changing what we don’t like and enhancing what we want to keep. Each lesson is a video (or audio or PDF transcript, whichever suits your needs best) that brings Heather at OPC right into your life for what feels like a one-on-one counseling session. At the end of each lesson, you will getRead More →

A Blog Hop About Homeschooling, and Mine Is All About Twins! Homeschooling twins can take you right back to those first few months when you got no sleep, spent all your time scrambling to keep up with the laundry, and wondered how you would ever do it. But you did survive twin babies. And your twins survived too, and grew, and now they are school-age! The most important thing I learned when my twins were babies was that you can always, always use advise. No matter how well you think you have things down, listening to advise and tips will always, always make life betterRead More →

A Peek Into Our Typical Day A typical day in our homeschool is never the same. Or typical. The kids wake each morning with new ideas and plans. The only constant is the rough framework that overlays our day. We Schedule Using Blocks After trying many different options for making our homeschool run consistently and without stress, we settled on a block scheduling idea. The “if it is 3, it is time to read together” concept works great for us. My kids and I know that at any time during the day there is a general activity for us, but I am not so rigidRead More →

The one type of item that nearly every homeschool family is drowning in is…. books. In our family, we can’t get enough of them. Picture books, coffee table books, books for the kids, history books, science books, math books, books for the parents,… the list goes on and on and on. In fact one night, not so long ago, my books visited me in a nightmare in which the entire house collapsed into the basement when I brought one more book home from the library sale. STORE BOOKS IN UNLIKELY PLACES! IT IS SATISFYING AND YOU CAN SHARE THE PICTURES ON PINTEREST! And so the bigRead More →

You may think that your poor, beleaguered homeschooling house is stuffed to the gills with crayons and science kits and puzzles and stores of curricula. And you are probably right. I have a ton of tips to share to help you store all the homeschooling paraphernalia. So many tips, in fact, that I have divided them up roughly by subject. I will cover one each Monday and today we start with art supplies. We will take a break from Downloadable Mondays for a few weeks, but rest assured – I will get back to it. We started out in a moderately small house. Then weRead More →