Friends and Consequences

​Finding Friends for Your Homeschooled Teens… and the Unintended Consequences. Making friends as a homeschooling teen always seemed like it would be a huge hurdle to leap for our family. When our kids were young, it was easy. If you homeschool young kids there are park days, co-ops, and even church groups that help you feel safe. Your homeschooled youngster won’t get picked on by that mean public schooled kid. That sounds like a joke but for us it was reality when our kids were young. Friends Are Easy To Find At First When we first began homeschooling, we quickly found a plethora of friendsRead More →

Stop for a moment and look around you. Sometimes all the hustle and bustle of kids and family and home distracts you from the most precious message to hold onto: You have a great life! Feel Free to Share with Your Friends!31Read More →

So this morning I woke up and it was chilly. It was also early so I took a bit longer to wake the children and made a steaming cup of coffee and my Harvest Apple Cake. This is my own recipe, adapted after years and years of baking. I am basically lazy so that if I can bake up a tasty treat quickly, without the tedium of looking up ingredients, I am a happy camper… and that is why I use my own recipes. This is a perfect recipe for sharing with your kids and incorporating into a homeschooling morning in the kitchen! Harvest AppleRead More →