Six-month online aviation course from Doctor Aviation – A Homeschool Review Crew review My son loves to discover how things work and he loves history and flying machines, and so when the opportunity to review a six-month online aviation course from Doctor Aviation came our way, we jumped at the chance. Will It Enhance Your Homeschool? Lessons Are Designed To Be Flexible Doctor Aviation’s course can be used in a number of different ways. Your child can work through the videos and extra course material independently for high school credit, or you can pile all your kids together to watch the videos and everyone willRead More →

Accessible and Rigorous General Chemistry for Homeschooled High School

General Chemistry from Novare Science & Math – A Review I was very excited to have the opportunity to review General Chemistry from Novare Science & Math , as I was searching for a high school chemistry curriculum for my kids. A few weeks ago, I was looking at my Memoria Press catalog as part of planning next year’s science curriculum since they carry top quality materials (see my review of Memoria Press’ Nature’s Beautiful Order). To my surprise, I discovered that Memoria Press recommends the Novare Science & Math General Chemistry curriculum. Will It Enhance Your Homeschool? Lessons That Your Child Can Do Independently, with aRead More →

This week was pretty run-of-the mill. We just continued along our merry homeschooling way. … BUT I found a pile of resources to use for next year as I continued to plan (my absolutely favorite activity, truth be told). So, here is what I have found so far… Books I ran across these wonderful fairy tale books (Fairy Tale Calculus) that teach the basics of calculus in a gentle and understandable way. I started looking through them to see if the kids could benefit and then got hooked! I think I will be reading these aloud in the fall!   We are also reading TheRead More →

The Life of Fibonacci

This week I wanted to feature a wonderful picture book about the life of Fibonacci, the mathematician. Fibonacci lived in the 1100’s in medieval Italy and learned about math on his travels on behalf of his father’s business to far away places like northern Africa, Turkey, Syria, Greece, and Sicily. Fibonacci will even take you into the court of Frederick II, of the Holy Roman Empire. It is a wonderful way to tie the development of mathematics with other history your child is learning! This book takes your child on a rollicking adventure through Fibonacci’s life and travels. You can use this to reinforce geographyRead More →

How do you teach your child to reduce radicals? No, this is not advanced nuclear chemistry or using a shrink ray on protesters in the streets. It really is math, well, part of algebra for our purposes. The new idea your child in this lesson focuses on the concept of a monomial that is a perfect square. Now my test subjects (son and daughter) were divided on the issue of whether the explanation on the worksheet was sufficient today, so I am adding a more visual explanation of a monomial that is a perfect square here for you to do with your child as anRead More →

The Ocean & Deep Dark Holes | A Quick Science Unit Study Let’s start the week off with a bit of mystery and fun. Take a look at how deep and dark the hole that is our water-filled ocean goes… You could use this as a fun aside, or the start of a unit study on oceans or marine life, or simply a “Hey, Kids! Come over here and look at this utterly cool thing!” This is great for any age kid, and homeschooling moms too!     Ocean Art Activity And art always goes better with music to go with it. You could putRead More →

Erik Demaine is a true hero in our homeschooling household. My children were first introduced to him years ago through a documentary about origami called “Between the Folds“. They loved this documentary and we watched it over and over and over. It is perfect for any child, at any age. Erik Demaine stood out from the rest of the origamists featured in the documentary. He is a fun-loving, ferociously smart adult who was homeschooled by his father, entered college very early and is now teaching at MIT and studying the applications of origami folding to protein structure. The way he explains truly complex topics isRead More →

The first three Doodles Do Algebra books in this unique curriculum series, covering pre-algebra through division of polynomials, are now available in paperback. The books are printed on 8.5 by 11 inch paper so that your child has plenty of room to write and the text is large enough to easily read.  Topics Covered in Starting Out With Mental Algebra (Book 1) This first in the Doodles Do Algebra series is focused on Mental Math and is designed as the first step to learning Algebra for your child. The philosophy is focused on helping your child to think about abstracting and grouping items in orderRead More →

Today I am sharing the second lesson in the series I am writing called “Geometry with Euclid” which covers Axioms. Today’s lesson teaches your child about Axioms in Geometry. If your child has any trouble doing today’s lesson, please let me know in the comments below and I will try to help you. Share With Your Friends31Read More →

Today we begin a new math series to complement the Doodles Do Algebra books I released in 2016. There will be more Doodles Do Algebra books in the series that I will publish this year, however my kids and I are working through Geometry now and so I am giving away the worksheets and teacher’s guides for now (until I publish the book) just as I did for the Doodles Do Algebra lessons. The first lesson in Geometry with Euclid is a reading exercise to understand the vocabulary of Geometry. These lessons are written for kids that are slightly older (8th grade and up) soRead More →