Marigold Bakes A Cake

A Review of “Marigold Bakes a Cake” by Mike Malbrough It took me a while to get my hands on this book when it arrived at our house, as my children squirreled it away and declared it the most fantastic book ever. That might seem reasonable and normal for children who are picture-book age… but my kids are teenagers! Marigold Bakes a Cake is the story of a orange cat with a penchant for things creative, but if it is Monday he must bake. The book chronicles Marigold’s hilarious adventures one Monday as he attempts to bake a cake, with a lot of help fromRead More →

American Christian from Hewitt Homeschooling – A Review I was very excited to have the opportunity to review American Christian Authors from Hewitt Homeschooling, as I was searching for a high school literature curriculum for my kids that would expand the base of authors we read. Will It Enhance Your Homeschool? Exposure to New Authors and Points of  View When your homeschooler reaches high school, one of the biggest challenges can be expanding their exposure to literature beyond the authors and books you know yourself. A literature curriculum like the Lightning Literature from Hewitt Homeschooling can do just that. The selection of authors included in theRead More →

This week was pretty run-of-the mill. We just continued along our merry homeschooling way. … BUT I found a pile of resources to use for next year as I continued to plan (my absolutely favorite activity, truth be told). So, here is what I have found so far… Books I ran across these wonderful fairy tale books (Fairy Tale Calculus) that teach the basics of calculus in a gentle and understandable way. I started looking through them to see if the kids could benefit and then got hooked! I think I will be reading these aloud in the fall!   We are also reading TheRead More →

​C.S. Lewis Biography with accompanying study guide from YWAM Publishing – A Review What Is It? When the opportunity to review Christian Heroes- C.S. Lewis, a biography about C.S. Lewis with an accompanying study guide from YWAM Publishing came our way, I could not pass it up. This is more than just your everyday biography. The book and study guide are one in a series called Christian Heroes: Then & Now that allow you and your children a front row seat through the extraordinary life of C.S. Lewis, from a child writing and then playing in imaginary worlds with his brother in the attic, toRead More →

A Review of Hamster Princess: Giant Trouble by Ursula Vernon, A Book Giveaway, & Make Your Own Stuffed Harpster! We were lucky to have the opportunity to review this 4th book in the Hamster Princess series. Everyone in the family absolutely loved the book And who is Harpster? Well you either have to read the book, or look down the page and download the Sewing Pattern so you can make a stuffed Harpster for your child (or maybe for yourself!) Here are some things my children had to say about the story: The Story is Amazing! It was So Fantastic that I Stayed Up TillRead More →

A Review of “The Secret Bridge” by Amy Le Feuvre The Secret Bridge is a book, published by Lamplighter Publishing The Story  A young woman, Bridget, travels to London from the United States after her father dies and leaves her nearly destitute and alone in the world, save one uncle. She arrives in London only to find that the uncle who had offered her a place to live has passed away while she was making the journey. Now Bridget must figure out how to survive in a world with no relatives or friends, save one English gentleman whom she met on the journey to London.Read More →

Illuminating the Bible with a Stoy – A Review of Shepherd, Potter, Spy–and the Star Namer I was fortunate to get the opportunity to review Shepherd, Potter, Spy–and the Star Namer, a book by Peggy Consolver – Author. The book is filled with vivid descriptions that draw a detailed portrait of life in ancient times. The setting of the story and it’s characters come to life and stay with you long after you finish reading the book. The story takes us back to a time when the Amorites were controlling the area of Canaan. A young Gibeonite boy and his family live in the envelopeRead More →

A Review of “Bessie’s Pillow” by Linda Bress Silbert Bessie’s Pillow is a book with accompanying historical background at, published by Stong Learning, Inc. So, What Did My Kids Think? This book is, hands-down, the best-loved of any my children have ever read. “Yes! I knew Bessie is smart! Her Tateh and Mameleh taught her really well!” “Nooooo! He only wants to date you! Run away!” “Sheesh! Why can’t she tell what his motivation is? What is wrong with girls?” “Why were those sweat shops in New York owned by Germans?” “How can people be so mean to each other? Why won’t someone, likeRead More →

My kids have always fit best into a mash-up of curricula for any given subject. That is why they now work using books written by original authors, now that the kids are older. But when they were little, nothing seemed to work for very long. I would get a new curriculum and it was all light and glory for a couple of months. Then the kids would wake up one morning and, boom! Either the curriculum was now wholly inappropriate to the learning style of my newly-morphed child, or overnight the teaching fairy hit her with a magic wand and she now understood the entireRead More →

Today is the first rain of the season for us. It has been so dry for so long enough that it may as well be a national holiday as far as my kids are concerned. This is the perfect day for a Thundercake. When my kids were little the Hub read a picture book to them over and over and over, until he could recite the story without looking at the pages….in his sleep. Besides being a wonderful tale of love and Grandmas and overcoming fears in a Michigan thunderstorm, Thundercake is a wonderful story by Patricia Polacco about having delicious tasty treats during aRead More →