A Busy Week is a Good Week

I love weeks that are busy, at least those that are busy teaching my kids. The subjects whir by and with each lesson, I feel myself brushing those cobwebs out of my brain. I think if you don’t homeschool, you probably have no idea what I am talking about. Remember that feeling of a new job when it just starts to make sense and you realize that you really know enough to avoid getting fired and your brain is busy and happy? Well, that is how it feels for me every day that I homeschool my kids. When they were little, the challenge was toRead More →

Jeremy Camp Shared "The Answer" With My Teens

I Am So Glad I Discovered Jeremy Camp’s Music I had frankly never heard of Jeremy Camp before I had the opportunity to review new CD (The Answer) for FlyBy, but I am so thankful that I did. Jeremy Camp’s Music is Real & Authentic & My Teens Love “The Answer” I love his music and his message. It is real and gritty and authentic. My teenagers, who are often the biggest critics when it comes to faith-based music, love Jeremy Camp’s music. The message is real and not preachy, a feature that is so important to teenagers. My kids listen to this music over,Read More →

A Review of Hamster Princess: Giant Trouble by Ursula Vernon, A Book Giveaway, & Make Your Own Stuffed Harpster! We were lucky to have the opportunity to review this 4th book in the Hamster Princess series. Everyone in the family absolutely loved the book And who is Harpster? Well you either have to read the book, or look down the page and download the Sewing Pattern so you can make a stuffed Harpster for your child (or maybe for yourself!) Here are some things my children had to say about the story: The Story is Amazing! It was So Fantastic that I Stayed Up TillRead More →

Happy Monday-Before-Thanksgiving! This is the last week of our giveaway contest to win a DVD documentary about common core, where it came from, and what effect it is having today on children in New York. To enter, you can contact me through this email address: dvdgiveaway@byebyebrickandmortar.com, or by posting in the comments section (below or in the original post about the contest), or by sending me a tweet at @bybybrickmortar. The contest ends on Dec 1st and I will contact the winner on Dec 2nd. Feel Free to Share with Your Friends!31Read More →

A Common Core Documentary review and DVD giveaway I recently was given the opportunity to review a documentary describing the new Common Core standard produced by the HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) called Building The Machine. In the spirit of full disclosure, the group provided me an evaluation copy and the ability to offer one copy as a free giveaway. They in no way influenced my review and even though we home school our children and are members of the HSLDA (in order to obtain the legal protection and advice they provide), I reviewed the documentary as an independent blogger and without any compensationRead More →