Reviewing the month of food purchases there were some interesting events this month. There are some patterns to food pricing that the dedicated cheapskate can take advantage of if one is aware o the opportunities. If you shop at the discount side of the food markets there are patterns around the first and the fifteenth of each month. You will see discounts in certain foods in the week ahead of these dates. Here at DoodleMom world headquarters we consume a lot of pork and chicken. One factor is that these proteins, together with eggs, are usually fairly inexpensive. The other factor is that Walmart inRead More →

This past week the regular purchases returned to normal, represented by one trip to Costco where I spent about $75 on what is for us a typical market basket. Costco had pork chops on sale for well under $2 per pound and sliced turkey lunch meat for about 30% off. I did not exactly back up the truck for this as we are still trying to get back to normal after the end of the year expenses. I will write about the other factor that influences my buying decisions more in the future and that is our goal to have a buffer inventory of foodRead More →

My Shopping Tactics There are a limited number of stores that receive my family’s food business. Ranking the choices based on how much money is spent in each store the list goes like this: (1) Walmart and Costco; (3) Safeway; (4) Grocery Outlet ; (5) Trader Joe’s. We are fortunate living in an urban-ish environment in that there are four Walmarts and three Costcos with easy access along the fifteen minute commute to and from work. There is a Safeway within walking distance of my office. Finding someplace that either has standard low prices (Walmart, Costco) or that often has good deals (Safeway) on somethingRead More →

Why I Started Tracking Expenses I began keeping records of our food expenses after a conversation with a co-worker that left me wondering, “How much does it cost to feed my family?” As with many people I had seen the news and other stories how difficult it was to feed a family with the resources provided by the SNAP program. You know the ones, “I can’t afford my daughter’s favorite kiwi fruit with the money they give us.” Given that I have stood in line behind people using SNAP cards to purchase more and much more expensive food than I ever do, I was genuinelyRead More →