This week we had ‘THE’ day. The one day a year my children look forward to more than any other. Once a year, the Monterey Bay Aquarium opens its doors to homeschoolers at no charge. This is a big deal as the tickets can really set you back and frankly we wouldn’t be able to go if it weren’t for the homeschool day. Getting tickets for those homeschool days is no mean feat! You are given a day and a time to log in and request a ticket and you must be patient. This year I sat in the virtual queue for more than twoRead More →

SPLATS and Delights

SPLATS & Delights {Friday Funnies, Flops, and Fails Homeschool WrapUp} Our week was filled with ups and downs this week. SPLATs and Delights. My kids were sick this week, just the last week before we declare vacation until the new year. I guess that is one of the downsides of homeschooling – you still do lessons when you are sick. But I try to give my kids lots of treats like hot chocolate, tea, and chicken soup when they are sick as well. So this morning I asked my poor, cold-ridden daughter what she wanted for breakfast and she said, “Hamantaschen.” I haven’t actually everRead More →


Rain! | Our Weekly WrapUp & Friday Funnies, Flops, and Fails LinkUp I had a lot of ideas when I sat down to write this post. I was going to write about all the great things we did in our homeschool this week. How my kids began exploring Frankenstein using Sharon Watson’s Characters in Crisis Literature curriculum (review coming very soon). I was going to write about the charity and faithfulness of my daughter who knitted a scarf, sewed a sweatshirt, and then packed them up in a birthday box for a girl she knows whose parents don’t treat her with love and kindness. IRead More →

Where do all those dirty dishes keep coming from? That is what I thought every morning this week. I go to bed and the kitchen still could use a quick cleanup, but I can get that done in the morning, I think to myself. Then I get up with the chickens the next morning, literally, and BAM! my kitchen just became a life-sized diorama of the aftermath of world war III! I dutifully clean it, make the sink sparkle, and the next morning there we are again! Now admittedly, I don’t have time every morning to get to the sparkle state of being. And whenRead More →

Old Betsy & The Infernos

Old Betsy & The Infernos | Our Weekly WrapUp & Friday Funnies, Flops, and Fails Linkup Party Our week was full of fixings and endings, but through it all we homeschooled… Old Betsy sprung a leak this week. Well first she dripped and then she leaked and after my husband tried tightening a hose clamp, she decided to gush and overheat. So Old Betsy got a trip to the auto mechanic to get a brand spanking new radiator and my husband got an unplanned vacation day and and unplanned car rental. Life can be tricky with just one car, but in general Old Betsy isRead More →

A Busy Week is a Good Week

I love weeks that are busy, at least those that are busy teaching my kids. The subjects whir by and with each lesson, I feel myself brushing those cobwebs out of my brain. I think if you don’t homeschool, you probably have no idea what I am talking about. Remember that feeling of a new job when it just starts to make sense and you realize that you really know enough to avoid getting fired and your brain is busy and happy? Well, that is how it feels for me every day that I homeschool my kids. When they were little, the challenge was toRead More →

Our Babies Started Laying! Our big (funny) event this week was that our young chickens started laying. I looked out the back window into the yard on Wednesday afternoon. There, standing on the laying box was ‘Little Peep’, one of our golden chickens (we got two yellow orpingtons at Easter this year to add to our existing flock). Little Peep was trying to find her buddy, ‘Jelly Bean’, and had narrowed her location down to the laying box. Later, when my husband came home from work and went out to check for eggs, he discovered two large eggs and one little one! Jelly Bean hasRead More →

This Week Was About Getting Out Of Their Way… Our Weekly WrapUp & the Friday Funnies, Flops, and Fails Linkup This Week I Realized I Had Become THAT Homeschooling Mom This week was a monumental, clouds parting above, music playing from the heavens, kind of a week for me. I realized that I was well on my way to becoming that overbearing homeschool mom character you see in cartoon strips. My Kids Were So Ready For Me To Back Off I think for my kids, this week was more of a relief than anything else. Mom was no longer chasing about behind them with pilesRead More →