My daughter walked in on me one evening last week as I was watching an episode of Sherlock, a witty and updated BBC television version of the old Sherlock Holmes stories. She asked if she could watch it and I told her that if she read a Sherlock Holmes story (we started with The Hound of the Baskervilles) without getting scared, she could then watch an episode of the program with me. Well she devoured that book and was gone on to read a new one each afternoon. I would have been scared whit-less if I had read those stories as a pre-teen, but spookyRead More →

For those of you who have escaped the Whovian craze, there is a television series that has been running for more than a generation called Dr. Who (a BBC creation). My kiddos discovered it thanks to some friends who migrated to the land of BBC a few years ago and who are still missed around our household. My daughter lives in the Whovian world, with its logical conundrums and twists. Yes there are aliens and space ships, but it is really the adventure and the obstacles to be overcome in the name of morality that really attracts my kids to the series. Yesterday we startedRead More →

It seems this week really is all about time in our house. New year starting, Central American peoples focusing their whole societies around the passage of time, and then Galileo’s experiment. I am teaching physics to my kids this year, because to me physics really is the core science. The science upon which all the other disciplines build their inquiries. I also firmly believe in delaying any formal teaching of science until a child has the beginnings of a grasp of algebra under their command so that they can really learn science as the scientists discovered it themselves, rather than a hand-holding, mind-stunting, random perusalRead More →

As we began the new year this week, kids refreshed from an extended break with plenty of time to play and bake and celebrate, I realized that the week is all about time. Just as the new year is about renewing time. The kids learned about the Central American peoples of the 500-600 period (Mayan, Zapotec, and the kingdom centered in Teotihuacan with no known name). All of them with societies focused not on the story and influence of kingship but on complexities built upon time. Imagine having over 18,000 distinctly different days with importance tied to each as a consequence of overlapping two differentRead More →

My boy woke one morning last week and told me that he had a dream and now he knew what he was meant for: to defend. His people, his country, the oppressed. All of it. I asked if that extended to building structures, wondering if he might be thinking of becoming a fireman, but got a resounding, “No,” back. He will defend people’s lives and happiness. For me it was not a surprise to hear him say this as his actions have pointed to it long before he had the ability to articulate. I admit that his personality is made for defense. He is alwaysRead More →

Matt Walsh recently wrote an opinion piece about the issue of teaching sex in schools. He is a person able to express himself seemingly freely with such eloquence to match the truly great writers of our age. It helps that he seems to hold similar convictions to my own, but regardless his writing is a pleasure to read. On the topic of teaching sex in general: “My convictions on abstinence before marriage have to do with not just my views about sex, but my views about marriage itself, and about love, and about loyalty, and about self-control, and about virtue, and about faith. Everything is wrappedRead More →

We started watching “Discovering America’s Founders” today and it is definitely a winner. My kids are fans of all thing Dave Stotts. If he had a museum or a theme park, we would have to go there. In fact the kids have asked if we could go to his house to meet his camel. (this is something you would only know about if you had watched all his other videos) Luckily most of these videos are available through the TBN Roku channel (Roku being our ‘tv’ of choice these days). But there is a series Dave Stotts did about the men who founded our nationRead More →

Threads are what guide us through life and tie us to those we love. At this time of year, I am always looking for a thread to tie our family to Christmas before the whirlwind of the season, sugarplum fairies and cookies and concerts, distracts us just long enough that it is January and Christmas is gone for another year. This is the first year that I was organized enough to do a Jesse Tree with my kids. I wanted to try it as I had read that it deepens your child’s understanding of Christmas. But I had no inkling that doing the tree togetherRead More →