thinking like an engineer

Thinking Like an Engineer from Innovators Tribe– a Homeschool Review Crew review We were excited to try Thinking Like an Engineer from Innovators Tribe as my son would love to follow in his father’s footsteps as an engineer. My son jumps at any chance to discover what engineers do and learn some of the tools they use. The Thinking Like an Engineer course from the Innovators Tribe is an interesting way of introducing engineering to children in grades 6 to 12. The course takes you through an overview of some of the different types of work an engineer can do and gives children the opportunityRead More →

​Once lost is found – a lesson in faith When my children were small, many years ago, my husband lost his wedding ring. We searched through the entire house and even took apart the ducts attached to the furnace – all to no avail. The ring was gone. It was very sad and although we never gave up hope, neither of us expected to find it again. Fast forward twelve years. . . Earlier this year, my husband was hurt and immobile. I was trying to get my footing with the new responsibility of taking care of him and doing the chores he once did.Read More →

Thin Stix Creativity Pack Review

A review of the Thin Stix Creativity Pack from The Pencil Grip, Inc. I was excited to get the opportunity to review the Thin Stix Creativity Pack from The Pencil Grip, Inc. with its neon and ‘metalix’ colors. This package gives you all the tools you need to have wonderful art sessions with the whole family. The Thin Stix are perfect for youngsters but even teenagers and adults can use them with fantastic results. What comes in a package of Thin Stix Creativity Pack will surprise you. The Thin Stix Creativity Pack comes with 24 different Thin Stix in 12 classic, 6 neon, and 6Read More →

Fire Road

Fire Road by Kim Phuc Phan Thi { a review for Tyndale House Publishers } This is a fantastic book. Growing up in the 1970’s I remember seeing the picture of Kim Phuc as a child. The horror of that moment, however, was lost on me at the time. By the time I was old enough to understand Kim Phuc’s plight better, I had seen the photo so many times that it’s impact was not as great as it should have been. I knew many Vietnamese refugees growing up in school and in our community. I had read about the Vietnam War and understood the factsRead More →


Rain! | Our Weekly WrapUp & Friday Funnies, Flops, and Fails LinkUp I had a lot of ideas when I sat down to write this post. I was going to write about all the great things we did in our homeschool this week. How my kids began exploring Frankenstein using Sharon Watson’s Characters in Crisis Literature curriculum (review coming very soon). I was going to write about the charity and faithfulness of my daughter who knitted a scarf, sewed a sweatshirt, and then packed them up in a birthday box for a girl she knows whose parents don’t treat her with love and kindness. IRead More →

Hinds' Feet on High Places

Hinds’ Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard {a review] Hinds’ Feet on High Places is a beautifully told allegory of the acceptance and recognition of God’s love in spite of the trials and hardships we undergo in life. It is a modern-day Pilgrim’s Progress based upon the Song of Songs. The story begins with Much Afraid who is stuck in the valley with her family, the Fearfuls, and betrothed to an evil cousin. Her fear overwhelms her ability to direct the course of her life and reach the High Places, until she spends enough time with the Shepherd. “The Lord God is my strength,Read More →

The War I Finally Won

The War I Finally Won by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley {a review for Penguin Random House} Ada is a young girl who starts life in horrible circumstances with an abusive mother and caring for her little brother. She is lame, due to a club foot, but at the start of this second volume in the series, Ada gets that operation which will fix her foot and allow her to walk. The kindly woman, Susan, who has taken Ada and her brother in as part of the government plan to evacuate children from London during the bombing raids of World War II, has her work cut outRead More →

D is for Dreams and Direction

Welcome back to Blogging Through the Alphabet! We are on week 4, and that means the letter D. . . . . .join my two wonderful co-hosts ( Amanda @ Hopkins Homeschool and DaLynn @ Biblical Womanhood) and me as we blog together through the alphabet (Link Up is below) Now, let’s consider ‘D’. . . D is for Dreams and Direction Dreams. We all have them for our children. If we homeschool, I suspect we spend more time dreaming of our children’s futures. But once all the dreaming is done, how do we help our children find their way? What resources can we use?Read More →