New Roads for High School

We are headed into the Fourth Of July next week (a big celebration in our little neighborhood) and things are looking good here in our little homeschool! Sewing & Snagging Snorlax We spent an entire day on a sewing project this week to make a stuffed pocket version of a favorite video game character. Oh yes, and that darling daughter of mine finally captured herself a Snorlax (our continuing Pokemon Go saga) after looking for one for more than a year… and all we had to do was drive through two apartment parking lots and a legal office driveway and run across a couple ofRead More →

​‘X is for Unknown’ is Week 24 of Blogging Through the Alphabet 26 Keys to My Happy Marriage The letter X means so many things. It marks the spot. It is a sacred symbol, combined with a ‘p’ for Christ. In math, X, means unknown. And I think that all three of these meanings are related and combine when I think of marriage. X is a marvelous letter and is much like any marriage – filled with unknowns. How happy will we be? Will we experience great sadness? Will we come together to overcome great hardship? Will our family thrive? We Begin Marriage Filled withRead More →

American Christian from Hewitt Homeschooling – A Review I was very excited to have the opportunity to review American Christian Authors from Hewitt Homeschooling, as I was searching for a high school literature curriculum for my kids that would expand the base of authors we read. Will It Enhance Your Homeschool? Exposure to New Authors and Points of  View When your homeschooler reaches high school, one of the biggest challenges can be expanding their exposure to literature beyond the authors and books you know yourself. A literature curriculum like the Lightning Literature from Hewitt Homeschooling can do just that. The selection of authors included in theRead More →

Accessible and Rigorous General Chemistry for Homeschooled High School

General Chemistry from Novare Science & Math – A Review I was very excited to have the opportunity to review General Chemistry from Novare Science & Math , as I was searching for a high school chemistry curriculum for my kids. A few weeks ago, I was looking at my Memoria Press catalog as part of planning next year’s science curriculum since they carry top quality materials (see my review of Memoria Press’ Nature’s Beautiful Order). To my surprise, I discovered that Memoria Press recommends the Novare Science & Math General Chemistry curriculum. Will It Enhance Your Homeschool? Lessons That Your Child Can Do Independently, with aRead More →

Boy has life changed from the days when summer meant trips to the library and the beach and playing in a kiddie pool in the backyard! This week was filled with preparations for one teen to go be a camp councilor and driving another teen back and forth to their summer internship. And so our activities were dominated by lists and driving and sitting and rushing and waiting and some more driving… We also had a heatwave to contend with, so the kids made a truly redneck-style swimming hole for the overheated chickens. I ended up putting a lawn chair in the middle of itRead More →

Sailing Through Failure versus Getting Caught in the Eddies of Disappointment This morning I ran across a wonderful short video that a homeschooled girl (Hannah) made demonstrating her rubber-band powered paddle boat. What a wonderful demonstration of how positive a homeschool fail can be! She starts the video by discussing how she made the boat and why she colored the bath water. Then she winds the paddle up on the back of her milk-carton boat, puts it in the water, and…. …. it doesn’t go. So unfazed, she takes it out an talks about how she designed the pencil-struts that hold the paddle so thatRead More →

Watermelon Pickles

Summer is for making watermelon pickles… Sound odd to you? Well, before I met my father-in-law I would have agreed with you. But he often waxed nostalgic over the crunchy sweet goodness of the watermelon pickles his mother made for his family when he was little. They called it watermelon candy, if I recall the stories correctly. The large family was hit by the effects of the depression and migrated to California, living in a manner akin to a Steinbeck novel. In fact I remember a story about his mother using old newspaper stuffed between layers of the children’s clothing in an attempt to keepRead More →

‘W is for We’ is Week 23 of Blogging Through the Alphabet 26 Keys to My Happy Marriage Every so often I find myself worrying in the early hours when my husband is at work and the kids are still sleeping. So many other families I know run through seasons of tragedy. A husband is seriously hurt, others pass away unexpectedly, and the families are left to cope without him. That is such a terrible thought. What would I do if I were alone tomorrow? How would I manage? Or could I? The other morning while running my mind down this now familiar track, IRead More →

Do I have worth? This is a question I ask myself every time the hub and the bub subsides in our homeschool life. Without the daily caring for my children and husband and teaching and planning for new lessons, do I have worth? Am I intrinsically worthy? That I question. I grew up thinking that worth was defined by my achievements in life. The success of my career, the level of education I attained. And then I radically transformed myself into a stay-at-home homeschooling mom whose goals were teaching my kids and being as thrifty as possible, and trying to build some home-based revenue streamsRead More →

This week was pretty run-of-the mill. We just continued along our merry homeschooling way. … BUT I found a pile of resources to use for next year as I continued to plan (my absolutely favorite activity, truth be told). So, here is what I have found so far… Books I ran across these wonderful fairy tale books (Fairy Tale Calculus) that teach the basics of calculus in a gentle and understandable way. I started looking through them to see if the kids could benefit and then got hooked! I think I will be reading these aloud in the fall!   We are also reading TheRead More →