I Don’t Think I Had One…Unless You Count The Chicken | Friday Funnies, Flops, & Fails

I Don’t Think I Had One…Unless You Count The Chicken | Friday Funnies, Flops, & Fails

Friday Funnies, Flops, & FailsThis is one of those weeks when I think back on our homeschooling efforts and cannot for the life of me come up with a single flop… or a funny… or even a minor fail… at least not any that relate to homeschooling.

I have one funny, but it is about our pair of young chickens. These two girls are slowly joining the flock of the other four, year-old chickens we have. It has been a very, very slow process. We let our chickens roam free in the backyard and so recently I started letting the young ones out to roam with the older pack. For some inexplicable reason these young chickens are convinced that the safest place to roost is not in their coop, but at the top of the stairs back into the house, perched on the window railing. Now, we live in the city but we have a full host of racoons and ‘possoms and rats and, sadly, skunks, that roam our yard at night looking for tasty persimmons that are just coming ripe. We also have hawks and owls, and (yes it is weird) egrets that have been known to fly off with neighborhood backyard chickens and denude backyard ponds of expensive koi fish. So I really don’t want my two young chickens spending the night perched in a perfect spot to be picked up as a to-go-happy-meal by a passing predator overnight. So each night we have to sit and wait until these young hens roost on the porch steps, close their eyes, and nod off so I can grab them and put them in their coop. As my neighbor says, “That’s where the saying ‘dumb cluck’ must come from!”

I am in the midst of putting our life back together and homeschooling is kicking in strong as a result. So for me this week was all about the goods and the greats. But I wanted to add this linkup for any of you with Funnies, Flops, or Fails in your homeschool. (I am sure I will have one by next week to share!)

Does anyone have any Fails or Flops or Funnies to share?

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