Oh The Things You Can Do With A Violin!

Oh The Things You Can Do With A Violin!

My children love music. All kinds. They play all sorts of instruments but perhaps the most versatile are the string instruments.

Growing up I thought that violin was just a  squeaky version of the grand master of all instruments (the cello) – yes I play the cello so I am biased. But then I was introduced to Scottish music and the genius of Alasdair Fraser and his violin. Just take a listen and tell me that this doesn’t grab you! OK, well he does play with a woman named Natalie Haas who in point of fact does play that most important of all instruments, the cello. But, Fraser’s violin is fantastic.

Take a listen to Fraser play accompanyment with a young Scottish dancer (starts about 50 seconds in)…

And this is one of my favorites… “cellos disappeared for a long time – they were taken into custody by western orchestras. Attempts were made to seize the soul of the cellists and to contain them…but they have all failed. Cause Natalie is back!”

So spend some time sharing Scottish music with your children this week!

Now, what is your favorite kind of music and what about the music your children love?

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