Y is for Yon Time

Y is for Yon Time

​‘Y is for Yon Time’ is Week 25 of Blogging Through the Alphabet

26 Keys to My Happy Marriage

Y is for Yon Time

My husband wakes each morning early in the ‘yon time’ and heads off to work. It is dark when he leaves, very dark. He gets up long before most of us wake, and shortly after we go to bed, so that he can keep us fed and happy and comfortable. Ten hours later he returns, worn and a bit slow. Life is hard when you live it in the ‘yon time’.

What is ‘Yon Time’?

In Scottish, yon time is late in the evening. I think of it as ‘yonder time’, the time ‘away yonder’ from now. But regardless of how you think of it, the yon time represents something precious my husband gives me each day.

How Does ‘Yon’ Time Relate To Our Marriage?

Yon Time is time my husband gives me. While I wake to see him off every day, I am sleeping for most of yon time. He gives me time by spending his in the yon.

I use the time he gives me to cook and clean and care for the children. I homeschool diligently and try to be as thrifty as possible, out of respect for the yon time my husband spends. I try to build home-based revenue streams so that I can ease his burden just a bit.

I treasure the yon time my husband gifts me.

Your Husband Gifts You Yon Time, But You Might Not Realize It

If you homeschool and stay at home with your children, your husband is gifting you his ‘yon time’ as well. He may not head off to work in the dark, but he is shouldering the responsibility of caring and keeping you and your children.

If you work and homeschool and your husband works too, he is still gifting you his yon time, as you are gifting yours to him. That is a much more difficult burden for you to bear, but you are still caring for each other.

I think we often spend so much time focused on how we homeschool and how hard that is, that we loose sight of the burden our husbands bear as well. The burden of caring and keeping and the burden of worry. That burden that we share as married couples really is what marriage is all about, isn’t it. It is a reflection of the love we have for one another and a demonstration of our commitment to each other.

And I think when all is said and done, Yon Time is perhaps the most important time of the day.

Does your husband spend ‘yon time’ or work in other ways to give you something precious to you?

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  • Lovely post. This “yon time” is something that is very easy to overlook but one of the things that I try diligently to let him know I appreciate. My husband doesn’t work the midnight shift but he does return about 2 am. I understand some of those struggles this kind of a shift places on a marriage and family but letting him know how much I appreciate his work helps edge those stresses out. Great post!

    • Kirsten West

      Thank You!