New Roads for High School | Weekly WrapUp

New Roads for High School

New Roads for High School | Weekly WrapUp

New Roads for High School
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We are headed into the Fourth Of July next week (a big celebration in our little neighborhood) and things are looking good here in our little homeschool!

Sewing & Snagging Snorlax

We spent an entire day on a sewing project this week to make a stuffed pocket version of a favorite video game character.

Oh yes, and that darling daughter of mine finally captured herself a Snorlax (our continuing Pokemon Go saga) after looking for one for more than a year… and all we had to do was drive through two apartment parking lots and a legal office driveway and run across a couple of lawns. I wonder if trespassing is up since that game became popular…



This week we continued to finish up coursework for 8th grade and worked on the Biology online course from Fascinating Education (review coming soon). This is turning out to be a fantastic curriculum!

Planning, planning, and more planning

The week was filled with planning and filling in the blanks. I found the last of the history books we need for high school years, secondhand and shipped from England and France (of all places!). I love that feeling when you look at your homeschool shelf and realize that everything you need for the year is sitting on it (or stashed on your computer, or subscribed via an online course, or in your kindle reader). No matter what happens, you will be able to teach the next year.

That for me is a big worry off my mind. As soon as I have everything together, I find myself feeling creative. I have new ideas for projects, thoughts of different ways to tweak familiar recipes, and even renewed interest in tackling those books in my ‘to read someday’ pile.

I Found A Fantastic Deal!

I discovered this morning that Roman Roads Media is selling some of their readers on Amazon as Kindle ebooks for $0.99! (one is $2.99). Each reader (on the order of 700-800 pages) is filled with selections of the primary source readings for their video courses, but you could easily also use these as stand-alone reading resources.

So far I found:



Now, How Was Your Homeschooling Week?

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  • good week you had.. and did get a great find.

  • Yes, I love when the last of the books come in and the real planning can begin!

    • Kirsten West

      So true!

  • Kym Thorpe

    I always enjoy planning for the upcoming school year – except it’s becoming rather bittersweet now that I only have a couple of years left. o.O Congrats on finally capturing the snorlax!

    • Kirsten West

      I understand about the bittersweet part – my kiddos are starting high school but I can see the end of the road now.
      My daughter is still so happy about that snorlax… ๐Ÿ™‚