Q is for Quell, Quip, and Quorum

Q is for Quell, Quip, and Quorum

Q is for Quell, Quip, and Quorum

​’Q is for Quell, Quip, and Quorum’ is Week 17 of Blogging Through the Alphabet

26 Keys to My Happy Marriage.

This week three words held equal weight for me. They are Quip, Quell, and Quorum. And somehow they all relate to marriage.


I am generally the one who quells discord between us. (I think every marriage encounters discord)

My husband quells my fears. That one aspect of our relationship is probably the single biggest salvation to my sanity.

Who quells the turmoil in your marriage?


Q is for Quell, Quip, and QuorumOK, mostly I just love this word because of the way is sounds. But what really is a quip?

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines a quip as “a quick, intelligent, and often amusing remark“.

Hmm. That is usually how my quips are meant. But take a look at a definition from Mirriam-Webster that adds an additional definition: “a clever usually taunting remark”

Now the taunting part is not so good. That is the part I want to avoid like the plague in my marriage. Why would I want to taunt my husband, even in fun?

One of the wonderful homeschooling moms participating in the #abcblogging challenge wrote about a similar concept as it related to homeschooling her kids recently and I completely agree that quips that taunt and sarcasm are definitely off limits in our house.

What do you think about quips?

Now, on to the final “Q” word: Quorum

I spent this week on jury duty. I have done it many times before but never was the process so long and excruciatingly slow. It occurred to me, while sitting, and sitting, and standing in line, and sitting some more, that the legal system in our country is all about quorums.

You need to do a lot of waiting before you can assemble and sort a pack of mostly-unwilling potential jurors. Everyone needs to be educated a bit by the judge (and I use the phrase “a bit” very loosely as our judge was the quintessential homeschool mom of judges: thorough, patient, encouraging, open to discussion, filled with very lengthy explanations, and generally kindly.

But, let’s get back to quorum. Getting to a quorum takes its own time (unless you are in the military).

I think marriage is really a quorum between you and your husband. And coming to a quorum in your marriage can only be achieved through time.

You have to be patient and then be patient some more.

After courting for 15 years and following that with 16 years of marriage, I think my husband and I have finally come to that quorum. Most days, anyway.

Do you find yourself trying to reach a quorum with your husband?

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