Mom is a word that is for me happy and sad at the same time. Mom is not necessarily your birth mom – she can be an adoptive mom or a mom-in-law and in some cases that is really best. I am blessed with a wonderful Mom-in-Law and beautiful children for me to ‘Mom’. The happy part of Mom is my role in the world that irreversibly shifted when my children were born. I became Mom and that will never change. As Mom, I strive each day to fill a set of my own mom-requirements: Mom is a cornerstone of a family. Mom is theRead More →

Q is for Quell, Quip, and Quorum

​’Q is for Quell, Quip, and Quorum’ is Week 17 of Blogging Through the Alphabet 26 Keys to My Happy Marriage. This week three words held equal weight for me. They are Quip, Quell, and Quorum. And somehow they all relate to marriage. Quell – I am generally the one who quells discord between us. (I think every marriage encounters discord) My husband quells my fears. That one aspect of our relationship is probably the single biggest salvation to my sanity. Who quells the turmoil in your marriage? Quip – OK, mostly I just love this word because of the way is sounds. But whatRead More →

Ok, Here we are at the end of another week. Has Anyone flopped in their homeschooling efforts this week? (I sure did!) My Homeschool Flop For This Week: I was blessed with a bit a humility this week as I spent the week on jury duty at the courthouse. The Hub works nights so the kids had an adult in the house, but it was up to them to keep to a schedule. At first I thought, “How hard can this be? I read the blog posts of working homeschool moms and get their issues but really, I worked in the great big corporate worldRead More →