The Should Is Gone For Good

The Should Is Gone For Good

The Shoulds Are Gone For GoodShould is one of those words I grew up hearing often.

“You should take out the trash”

“You should practice”

“You should do all your homework”

…and on and on…

As I grew older I took on the role of a co-promoter of “Shoulds”.

I “shoulded” my friends. I “shoulded” my students. I “shoulded” the world in general.

And then I met my husband (well, obviously he wasn’t my husband yet) and BAM! I hit a “should” wall.

I think it was my first “should” with him that met that wall. I said something on the order of “you should take your fins off in the shallows before leaving the water or you will fall when you try to walk up the beach with all that scuba gear.”

Now, my not-yet-husband is by nature independent and allergic to “shoulds”. His reaction was. “Don’t Should On Me!”

BAM! I hit that should wall.

In truth I am not a quick learner and this week it will have been 32 years of happiness and joy for his being in my life. It took me a long, long (decades) time to eliminate the “shoulds” and even today one or two pop back in when I am stressed or tired.

But in general the “shoulds” are gone for good.


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